Who Can Drink the Most THICK WATER Challenge (bad idea) 

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2 Liter Thick Water CHUG. Is it possible to drink 2 liters of the Thick-It, the thiccest water on earth?! Today we find out if this challenge is impossible or NOT!
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Nov 12, 2020




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Comments 100   
MoreWolfie 3 months ago
spoiler: I couldn't move the next day...
Princess Darkness
Princess Darkness 3 months ago
Poor wolfe
Efrain Villegas
Efrain Villegas 3 months ago
you MADE the thick water. matt stonie bought it and i think his water was way less thick 😂 but damn that’s bad.
Raccoon Forever
Raccoon Forever 3 months ago
Wolfie I don’t think this water should look like cum
Timothy Wong
Timothy Wong 3 months ago
Oh no 🤦‍♂️
rforracing 3 months ago
what did you shit like?
mieke-jane Kommer
bro give Wolfie some more Likes
Ferne Griffiths
Ferne Griffiths 2 months ago
✨Powdered jizz✨
typical dior young
typical dior young 3 months ago
What breeds are prince and wolfie
Alvin Josh Labrador
Alvin Josh Labrador 3 months ago
Bro u made me gag
Miichaeljr 3 months ago
aye love the video
Batman Hoffman
Batman Hoffman 3 months ago
I am a big fan
Moeez Hakik
Moeez Hakik 3 months ago
Nearly spewed up just looking at you chugging it 🤮
Neesb 3 months ago
Jason Gomez
Jason Gomez 3 months ago
2K Comedy
2K Comedy 3 months ago
do ya'll have a shock collar on ya dog????
iiCloud9 3 months ago
looks like wolfie is drinking something else if i do say so myself 🤣
Random-iky 3 months ago
Still kinda sus 😅 i can confirm i watched this with my eyes closed youre ovee😂
Ep306 3 months ago
Damn did matt stonies brother's dirty. Calling his brother his friend
Leila_meep Turtles
Leila_meep Turtles 3 months ago
I used to have a Tamagotchi
DJ Styles
DJ Styles 3 months ago
Remember when his videos were fun...
Slayer X
Slayer X 3 months ago
It really makes me want to throw up
Not Marki
Not Marki 3 months ago
Gang gang
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss 3 months ago
Love the videos keep it up
Maral Salih
Maral Salih 3 months ago
I almost threw up watching this
bikergal89 3 months ago
Lol Your suppose to add the water to the thickener, Not the other way round. Also im a support worker. My Client has the exact same stuff in all his drinks. Its so thick, Its impossible to drink it normally from a cup. We have to spoon feed him. Just remember how lucky you are. Ive tried that stuff and it leave a horrible layer in your mouth.
Ollie Moss
Ollie Moss 3 months ago
Imma claim the thick title🤣🤣🤣
Hayden 3 months ago
nobody’s asking you to make more of these videos idk bud i think you kinda like drinking that’s stuff aye
Mr symons Symons
Mr symons Symons 3 months ago
What happens to the shot molds😭😭
Mr symons Symons
Mr symons Symons 3 months ago
It's been over 3 years
Mr symons Symons
Mr symons Symons 3 months ago
Bro your my childhood,love bro❤💪💪
Isaac Torres
Isaac Torres 3 months ago
4:18 Pause
JorgeDiazmusic 3 months ago
*Next video filling my bathtub with thick girls* lol all jokes
Timothy Medina
Timothy Medina 3 months ago
I miss the vlogs
Lil Siigner
Lil Siigner 3 months ago
wolfie jr on probation with the ankle monitor
Maj Kavnik
Maj Kavnik 3 months ago
So u watched Matt Stonie? :)
Some Guy
Some Guy 3 months ago
Wtf is thick water
EZ CLAPZ EZ 3 months ago
Spoiler on the toilet all day
Nancy Sasso
Nancy Sasso 3 months ago
I was gagging watching this!
Gabriella Gallardo
Gabriella Gallardo 3 months ago
what does it taste like??
TheEliteGamer 3 months ago
9:00 minutes in the video is lowkey kinda funny 😆 you have to wait until he is done talking though
Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross 3 months ago
His friend is his brother
Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross 3 months ago
Matt stonie drank two 1 litre think water in under 17 seconds dude lol
Cole 3 months ago
I was the 2.6 thousandth like 😁
Ahmed Kassem
Ahmed Kassem 3 months ago
Who been watching him for a long time don’t cap
Joel Weber
Joel Weber 3 months ago
s/o to wolfie who took a sip of his own piss for the wolffam NOW he's attempting to drink 2L of jizz
Prod247 #TFS
Prod247 #TFS 3 months ago
Can you guys help me hit 200 subs before 2021?
Kyliea dacosta
Kyliea dacosta 3 months ago
Be careful y’all finna manifest having to drink thick water and liquids when you get elderly 😂
Kyliea dacosta
Kyliea dacosta 3 months ago
Why am I seeing people say you shouldn’t drink it.... like what it’s literally to make water thick... so people can drink it cuz regular water can lead to aspiration... like it is given to my residents at the nursing home every day
Linsie Bee
Linsie Bee 3 months ago
Its his brother not his friend lol 😆
Ashley A
Ashley A 3 months ago
Love your videos when you gonna ask wifey to be your wifey
Raccoon Forever
Raccoon Forever 3 months ago
Wolfie if you tryna be famouse like the old days all you need to do is break records with David
zafar mathis
zafar mathis 3 months ago
"Try it at home if you have that stuff. I would really recommend you don't try it." 😂
DRAGO 3 months ago
Damn I haven't seen your videos in 2 years
ryan lee
ryan lee 3 months ago
U really fell off
drake lefevre
drake lefevre 3 months ago
You should put food coloring in it
Allison Corbin
Allison Corbin 3 months ago
how many more thicc water videos are u gonna do 🤣
XxSuski 3 months ago
Definitely added way too much of what that stuff is Matts looked like water still it was clear you drank some milk bro that shut was white
Crackle Hax
Crackle Hax 3 months ago
Omfg get the real stuff your kinda being a pussy
ThatBoi_ 3 months ago
I'm not sure about you guys but I would love to see breaking world records again
John 999
John 999 3 months ago
badlands chugs
Theresa Marrufo
Theresa Marrufo 3 months ago
What did Sylvia do to herself?? Too much plastic surgery for no reason, she was Beautiful just the way she was!!! Now she just looks weird!
WWE Mark
WWE Mark 3 months ago
Freeze thick water
Lil Rambo Gaming
Lil Rambo Gaming 3 months ago
Not posting everything about thick water it’s all about thick oh my days
CadeGaming 3 months ago
all this house talk starting to sound like ace family shit... I hope I’m wrong
Johnathan Doggett
Johnathan Doggett 3 months ago
Yvonne Rease
Yvonne Rease 3 months ago
I hit the bell and didn’t get a notification wtf is wrong with US-first?????? Anyway dope video
Luis Soto
Luis Soto 3 months ago
"Im not gonna say anything but sheesh"😂
Luis Soto
Luis Soto 3 months ago
"Im not gonna say anything but sheesh"😂
E P 3 months ago
Poor Wolfe jr wearing a bark collar and a diaper. Wonder why.
montyy boo-boo
montyy boo-boo 3 months ago
y’all have a shock collar on wolfie?!😭
hector vlogs2
hector vlogs2 3 months ago
Wsp wolfie 💙
Johngallagher89 X
Johngallagher89 X 3 months ago
What up MoreWolfie how is your day today and today is my birthday today and can you please give me a shout today please and you make Awesome video
X.VVV.X JJ 3 months ago
Bro start making vlogs again, plz
Ldex24 3 months ago
Is is me or does it look like he's drinking seamn
Jefferson Gonzalez
Jefferson Gonzalez 3 months ago
Charles Cruz
Charles Cruz 3 months ago
Someone make a gif of wolfie spitting the thick water back into the cup
Strik3 fl4re
Strik3 fl4re 3 months ago
Pause pause
Saltz Fury
Saltz Fury 3 months ago
Ayee wassupbruh
Sir Waldo
Sir Waldo 3 months ago
Wolfie gang
Yafet Tekle
Yafet Tekle 3 months ago
Why tf is the water not clear
Random Man
Random Man 3 months ago
Ayoo i seen Wolfie playing Fall guys with the Glizzy skin while eating a Glizzy with Thicc Water. Pause, that’s sus af
Desire Graham
Desire Graham 3 months ago
clean ur dogs tear stains abeg
About Photoshop
About Photoshop 3 months ago
Me : spends 5 hours editing My videos : doesn't get much support Sad truth.....
brother malakai
brother malakai 3 months ago
Super THICC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
brother malakai
brother malakai 3 months ago
Super THICC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
brother malakai
brother malakai 3 months ago
Super THICC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
John Hasty
John Hasty 3 months ago
See you guys see how prince was not shyyy at all
Brian de los Reyes
Brian de los Reyes 3 months ago
Wolfie yo you are a god
im100percentg ☑️
It’s crazy how many people forgave this dude for sleeping with a 16 year old while cheating on his girlfriend who took him back lmao
Kayin Mitchell
Kayin Mitchell 3 months ago
@im100percentg ☑️ your comment w 4 likes isn’t gonna send him to jail 💀
im100percentg ☑️
@death I’m tryna send him to jail
death 3 months ago
U trynna hate bro?
Appleblast 3 months ago
Was today a Upload day for all the boys lol
Felix Leshey
Felix Leshey 3 months ago
Hey Wolfie
Nathan Angel
Nathan Angel 3 months ago
I remember a 3 years ago I saw u in San Francisco where the seals are at I was nervous to say hi
Super duper duper Duper
Thicc water shall be praised
SaucyKev Gaming
SaucyKev Gaming 3 months ago
We Want The LOUD DIY videos back 2016/17 wolfie like so wolfie can see👇
Saiyan Elite
Saiyan Elite 3 months ago
Dude drinking that white stuff
Ed Savage
Ed Savage 3 months ago
To be honest I don't like watching you drink that Stuff it looks nasty as fuck like chunky milk 🤢🤮
Ruben 3 months ago
Am I the only one who doesnt know what to comment?
मोती 3 months ago
@Ruben become one then :)
Ruben 3 months ago
@मोती ayo I ain't yo friend
मोती 3 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/b7l8qYmThG5jaoU.html yohh
Gurshaan Basra
Gurshaan Basra 3 months ago
Roro Wint
Roro Wint 3 months ago
0:44 we all know what happened after this 👀
Michael Kim
Michael Kim 3 months ago
8:21 when she dont swallow
Nathen2007 3 months ago
Are you naughty like big D Dave
Manga Maniac
Manga Maniac 3 months ago
Thats 3 times smaller than mats
Suemy Garcia
Suemy Garcia 3 months ago
666 likes lol
Crazy Skippy
Crazy Skippy 3 months ago
Bruh, look at the water that came out of your tap..... was already THICKY LOL