We've been hiding this from you... 

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We kept this a secret from you...
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Nov 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
MoreWolfie 3 months ago
Martha Gonzalez
Martha Gonzalez 3 months ago
Wolfie rlly got caught lacking
2K's Finest
2K's Finest 3 months ago
Bruh this nigga got me fucked up bih
Mohamed Nasser Mohamed Al-Shaidhani
Leo Mann
Leo Mann 3 months ago
Crowd 3 months ago
Prophecy LJ
Prophecy LJ 3 months ago
Fortune cookie
Fortune cookie 3 months ago
Charles why are you calling it a man purse why can't you just call it a purse lol
Scorpiog 946
Scorpiog 946 3 months ago
Hi god bless have a good one
Chris knox
Chris knox 3 months ago
Those car washes are bad for sensors on nice cars just a tip
aintnofruity 3 months ago
Oh dam i forgot about wolfie i used to watch u all the time
Kb. Goatedd
Kb. Goatedd 3 months ago
Biggest fall off
Yeaah Sheed
Yeaah Sheed 3 months ago
Wolfie I get 30 minutes of sun light from working in a warehouse job 😂😂
oneeyeHD3 3 months ago
but did i ask
Chris knox
Chris knox 3 months ago
Limit there water bro. Like that’s obvious. Wolfie shouldn’t be peeing everywhere if he’s been potty trained could be bladder infection. If you notice irregulaties in their bathroom using then there can be problems. Liver etc.
Lauryn’s life
Lauryn’s life 3 months ago
to train the dogs to go to the bathroom you should use the bell method!
Corrina Marie
Corrina Marie 3 months ago
Honestly all you need to do as much as it is time consuming you just need to take him outside every 20 minutes each day for a week and you’ll be good or even have a bell for them and then to outside to make routine
Ashley Gomez
Ashley Gomez 3 months ago
Me when i saw the video “ AHHH SHE’S PREGNANT! “
Kxng S4f3
Kxng S4f3 3 months ago
Fell off.
Mr. Cates
Mr. Cates 3 months ago
I challenge you Wolfie to wear wolfie Jr's coller for 24 hours
Anessa Galarza
Anessa Galarza 3 months ago
Something that helps with the dogs peeing is neutering them lol
Toni Bell
Toni Bell 3 months ago
You guys should invest in belly bands for the dogs. You said wolfie pees on everything, they’re for dogs that mark!
aidee acosta
aidee acosta 3 months ago
dude they are coming to Walmart soon
aka pocco
aka pocco 3 months ago
Remember watching this guy as a kid I jus wanna say Nigga you done fell off🤣🤣🤣🤣
banks601y 3 months ago
I got a good diaper that works my dog use to be able to take her pamper off.
Ivan Aguilar
Ivan Aguilar 3 months ago
Damn 90k
BeatsBy Tani
BeatsBy Tani 3 months ago
I remember wolf or used to get millions of views on a daily now his vows are on the thousands that’s sad
T M 3 months ago
What’s crazy is that that’s true but during the whole pandemic loads of ytbers views yanked but Wilfried is still outperforming many of them rn. Mans is doing something right
samir hilal
samir hilal 3 months ago
bro dont use those car washes
Marianne 3 months ago
sooooo what is it you were keeping from us lol?
Tobi Reiner
Tobi Reiner 3 months ago
I like your voice
Alessia Simone
Alessia Simone 3 months ago
what have they been hiding...
Shark Boi
Shark Boi 3 months ago
You don’t put diapers on your dog. Just potty train it
Wolfie Chief
Wolfie Chief 3 months ago
Yesss I rmr that 😄
BIG CHINA 3 months ago
JS007 GAMING 4LIFE 3 months ago
God dang a million $ power washer
David Leonardo
David Leonardo 3 months ago
Yooooo!! you’re not suppose to go through those type of car washes if you have a bougie car! It will eventually give your paint job a lot of little scratches. Use sponges 🧽
Limitless Kakarot
Limitless Kakarot 3 months ago
Wip Cream
Wip Cream 3 months ago
Nah,who asked
CelixPL 3 months ago
Wtf my budda
CJ Jackson Jackson
CJ Jackson Jackson 3 months ago
Charlie make sure to keep a healthy and fit lifestyle, you inspire others when you’re in shape! All love man
Shane Exilhomme
Shane Exilhomme 3 months ago
Get Silvia some socks that actually fit lmfaoo no disrespect 😂😂
Saiki's Coffee Jelly
Came to see if a baby was on the way
Steven Zelaya
Steven Zelaya 3 months ago
How long has it been since I checked the statistics? : (
Luis Arteaga
Luis Arteaga 3 months ago
Get a Xbox
* Véronique *
* Véronique * 3 months ago
How often do you go outside with the dogs? Normally it's enough to walk them regularly and they won't pee inside because it's their home therefore they want to keep it clan as well.. I think it's kinda sad to get pets just to lock them up in cages and what not. 😕
Paola De leon
Paola De leon 3 months ago
GET TWO CAGES put them together in one cage put his pee pad and in the other his bed trust meeee this worked for my dog when he has to pee he will go to his pee pad because he obviously won’t pee in his bed!! do this for like 2 weeks straight Ik it’s sad leaving them in cages but it works :(( so once u done feeding him out him back in his cage so he pees on the pad and after about 2 weeks he will start peeing on the pee pads
Fabyan M
Fabyan M 3 months ago
Dammed Silvia look different without the makeup
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar 3 months ago
Why didn't u put a wood fence for privacy lol ps. It's still clean thoe lol
Wendy Alejandra
Wendy Alejandra 3 months ago
Not pregnant? Ok bye ✌🏼
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss 3 months ago
Love you Wolfie
Benicio Joachin
Benicio Joachin 3 months ago
Wolfie do you live in barrhaven?
craig123 Durio
craig123 Durio 3 months ago
Go to gamestop
Jada Barton
Jada Barton 3 months ago
Adan Sanchez
Adan Sanchez 3 months ago
Yo that’s a shock collar
Bailey Mann
Bailey Mann 3 months ago
røhan []
røhan [] 3 months ago
You are youtube famous
Bailey Mann
Bailey Mann 3 months ago
@Astral Xployts Yessir
Astral Xployts
Astral Xployts 3 months ago
Rlly? Cool
hi i'm josh
hi i'm josh 3 months ago
Justin Cano
Justin Cano 3 months ago
David watching ( he uses it by the way)
alex rosas
alex rosas 3 months ago
whats around the dogs neck?💀
Luke McKinley Ingram
Yo-yo what up Wolfe
Kristina Rogers History Saver
You love yalll
CYBER 3 months ago
Robb G
Robb G 3 months ago
Y'all just shitted on your fan Thomas ! 😲😂
Robb G
Robb G 3 months ago
Lol you found the key to some b.s 😂😂
Timothy Medina
Timothy Medina 3 months ago
Fix your hairline
Charismah K.A
Charismah K.A 3 months ago
Really thought he was going to say they got engaged if not a baby
Sheff Kane
Sheff Kane 3 months ago
Yer !!
Yer !! 3 months ago
Saved me the trouble of watching this video
xd slugzz
xd slugzz 3 months ago
Ali9300 3 months ago
@xd slugzz lol
xd slugzz
xd slugzz 3 months ago
@Quasar yeah with normal water but he should do it with thick water
Quasar 3 months ago
I thought that’s what your supposed to do?
E 3 months ago
Ey wolfie, buy me that new Xbox yeah
Stephanie Montgomery
He’s for sure gonna jump that gate lol
fadel fun&games
fadel fun&games 3 months ago
You just need to get them on a schedule for when they eat drink and walk them in the morning and in the afternoon
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 3 months ago
everyone likes ps all of a sudden where are these xbox fans
Marisa Cohen
Marisa Cohen 3 months ago
I knew that this wasn’t a pregnancy announcement but I felt like it was 😂
H1K2 Wxvyy
H1K2 Wxvyy 3 months ago
Levit Lopez
Levit Lopez 3 months ago
Destroy X
Destroy X 3 months ago
WTFBANANA_ON YT 3 months ago
same XD
Milestones Channel
Milestones Channel 3 months ago
CR7SW16 3 months ago
Trisha Agraam
Trisha Agraam 3 months ago
My gossshhh! I've never been click this so faaaaaast and straight to comment section. I can't! 😂
Brian de los Reyes
Brian de los Reyes 3 months ago
Vloging wolfie is lit
SeanIsBad 3 months ago
My dogs just looks right at me then pees
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 3 months ago
bro just come out the closet already
Eric Parker
Eric Parker 3 months ago
take the dogs out, wake up at a normal time and they wont piss all over your house lol shits nasty
DanTheDanator 27
DanTheDanator 27 3 months ago
Who gon tell this man the fanny pack trend died in 2019
Stephanie Valdez
Stephanie Valdez 3 months ago
Prince is literally their baby lol
Backyard Projects
Backyard Projects 3 months ago
Put it on the very first step an it will be taller
Veronika Figg
Veronika Figg 3 months ago
use pads by the door so they learn to go to the door when they have to use the bathroom its what i did
Alex Tavarez
Alex Tavarez 3 months ago
What's with the minecraft mashed up with Red Dead 2 music?
Lobby 18
Lobby 18 3 months ago
Use pee pads
GÍØDÁGÕÃT 813 3 months ago
Wolfie is el chapo not pablo Escobar 🔥💯🇲🇽
jaydon alves
jaydon alves 3 months ago
Can't lie I'm so excited for Wolfie to go back to LA
Jaiden Cannatelli
Jaiden Cannatelli 3 months ago
Jaiden Cannatelli
Jaiden Cannatelli 3 months ago
Jaiden Cannatelli
Jaiden Cannatelli 3 months ago
Danny Velez
Danny Velez 3 months ago
Wah Gwaan....GOAT!!
lazy dreamer
lazy dreamer 3 months ago
I had in. Ad so lol you didn’t get me bye
Caitlyn Xx
Caitlyn Xx 3 months ago
Why have u got a shock collar on ur small dog lmao what’s ur gunna do bite your head off 🤣🤣
MissFruit15 3 months ago
To prevent the excessive barking
Johngallagher89 X
Johngallagher89 X 3 months ago
What up MoreWolfie how is your day today and today is my birthday today and can you please give me a shout today please and I love your video every day
dreazy 3 months ago
You played Cold War yet?
Gloves Up Guns Down
Gloves Up Guns Down 3 months ago
I’m just like you I made and account on apps that are selling the ps5 I want it but there sold out everywhere
Gummybear_710 3 months ago
Haven't watched it yet but guessing Silvia is pregnant
Jackson x Pluto
Jackson x Pluto 3 months ago
love you wolf keep up the content! i been watching sense team albo😔
Cleyver Vasquez
Cleyver Vasquez 3 months ago
Connelly Fromwiller
Connelly Fromwiller 3 months ago
Everytime after you feed your dog take them outside as soon as there done eating. This will get them used to voting outside automatically after there done eating and you won’t have to worry about taking them out. A dog door would be helpful so they can go out by themselves too
ItzJynx 3 months ago
Yayyy im the 30th dislike
Harold Torres
Harold Torres 3 months ago
No joke you should try driving with the key ring?!
Bernard Jon Robinson
rub there nose in it they will learn quick lol
Bradley Yeh
Bradley Yeh 3 months ago
For real watch Zak George on US-first for dog potty training
Goodywloss2010 3 months ago
Hiding what? She’s actually 15 lol
matisselilyjad14 ciantar
Emily J
Emily J 3 months ago
Dr.slayer98 ?
Dr.slayer98 ? 3 months ago
I got the ps5
Maya Cool
Maya Cool 3 months ago
You scared me 🤣