Testing VIRAL TikTok Kitchen Gadgets *IT WORKED* 

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Testing VIRAL TikTok Kitchen gadgets and food hacks!
MORE TIK TOK LIFE HACKS ► bit.ly/2Tqgp43​​​
FaZe Nikan: us-first.info/player/video/sMeAl6Wbh2KWrp8.html
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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
MoreWolfie 9 days ago
If you're reading this you are an egg
Araiz Kashif
Araiz Kashif 5 days ago
How did you know?
Drronezz 6 days ago
U with eggs reminds me of how to basic🤣🤣🤣
Camarion Palmer
Camarion Palmer 7 days ago
I am your first subscribe and you are doing like that
Jordy KillerZGod
Jordy KillerZGod 7 days ago
Reverse card
Peo Ramabu
Peo Ramabu 7 days ago
Speaking of egg do you remember eggwin (Edwin) from prettymuch😉😂 do still love them🙁 or wht I dont see you with them anymore why ain't you reacting to their music ☹️🥺
Herbert Bradford
Herbert Bradford 3 hours ago
Nigga wolfie gettin old 😂
laloو۶ Day ago
Lol when he almosed choked on his gum 🤣
Bradley Nordin
Bradley Nordin 2 days ago
Yo Wolfe life hack just put a damp paper towel on your cutting board when you cut the onion and you won’t cry
Abdullah 2460
Abdullah 2460 3 days ago
Bento 3 days ago
Praise God
Miosotis. B
Miosotis. B 3 days ago
WhTs the music you put in the back of your videos ?? Like the beats ??
IAIN’S WORLD 3 days ago
My boy Wolfie is the Canadian Kung Fu Panda straight GOATED
Brandon Russell
Brandon Russell 4 days ago
He used most of them wrobg
Curvy FTW
Curvy FTW 4 days ago
For anyone who doesn’t want to cry while u cut onions just put a papertowel under the onion 🧅
Cr Ld
Cr Ld 4 days ago
Ryan kills dolphins 😳
XtR Rxpid
XtR Rxpid 5 days ago
Yoooo wolfierapes
Benjamin Benvatto
I hate mushrooms like if you agree
DBZ Timmy
DBZ Timmy 5 days ago
Unknown.0151 5 days ago
When did you get with herminr from Harry potter
Young Countryboii
This is the first time I have watched you in about 2 years probably. Gonna get back into it tho
Joxy 5 days ago
He got thick
melissa miguel
melissa miguel 5 days ago
honestly like the effort in this video. Some ytubers do like three.
Manny Scott
Manny Scott 5 days ago
11:11 “SIR SIR”
Gary Blassingame
Gary Blassingame 5 days ago
Been a wolfie fan for a long time an this Mann cnt flop he juss to funny 😂😂
Ayaan_ BTW
Ayaan_ BTW 5 days ago
Elie 5 days ago
Have a good day god love y’all
Fluffy Dark
Fluffy Dark 6 days ago
Do diy vids
alpha OG
alpha OG 6 days ago
You bought the eye glasses for no reason you could of put a soaked paper towel under it and you wouldn’t cry because the onion juice goes to the closes source of water so it would go to your eye...
Ryan Mahe
Ryan Mahe 6 days ago
Couldn’t stop laughing 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
Tay_vaniish Johnson
clapthem cheek
clapthem cheek 6 days ago
Your barley get views now
MaddenMobile415 6 days ago
You gotta be slow if you can't crack an egg
blizzy 6 days ago
U still make vids 😂
Manny Freeman
Manny Freeman 6 days ago
I agree no mustard or tomatoes
bankrollz essj
bankrollz essj 6 days ago
who remember when he used to get 250k likes every video
crazy boy
crazy boy 6 days ago
can i use the zip-slicer to zip-slice my wrists lmaooo
Drronezz 6 days ago
5:22 I’ve always wanted apple spaghetti idk if it’s just me tho
Davy 6 days ago
Wolfie, sir, SIRE. You gotta crack the egg on the counter first, your bowl rim is pushing the shell in so it's more likely to break off when you crack it.
Marielisr20 9
Marielisr20 9 6 days ago
Hey Wolfie✋🏻 i have that last water Weldon slicer that’s not how you do it you put it the last way you put it and slice is down and then flip it and squeeze it to take it out
Razzez YT
Razzez YT 6 days ago
It gave the pear waves
tns.gladiator 6 days ago
5:36 my boy wolf is dripped out
unknown guy
unknown guy 7 days ago
lmao the fact u still have the christmas decorations on XD ly btw
Chingi chonga
Chingi chonga 7 days ago
Lindsey Gins
Lindsey Gins 7 days ago
I hate tomatoes
Stefan Van Dyk
Stefan Van Dyk 7 days ago
Angel Alvarez
Angel Alvarez 7 days ago
Are you dumb Wolfie because you didn't stab the potato or the pair like you did with the Apple
lrcky 7 days ago
When you get paid to advertise things but you do it cleverly .😹
Tazie Devil
Tazie Devil 7 days ago
With slicing the zucchini and cucumber you should have used the peeler
Logan W
Logan W 7 days ago
These videos are okay. But I want the OG Wolfie🥺
Brose 7 days ago
yoo why do you still have your christmas tree up 🤣
Farhan dbz
Farhan dbz 7 days ago
I hated tomato
Jr P
Jr P 7 days ago
Wolfie is the king of “Instantly” and “Basically”
Kahmora 7 days ago
"find the yolk" had me weak!!!!!!!!!!!
Des 7 days ago
No one gonna say anything about the Christmas tree in the back
I swear sometimes I be having the perfect egg great yellow color then sometimes I be having this disease crunchy eggs and I be like 🤔🤔🤔👉👈
That. Vrguy
That. Vrguy 7 days ago
I didn’t know you still uploaded I thought you left us!!!
Miss Gallant
Miss Gallant 7 days ago
I hate tomatoes too
Gamer dude586
Gamer dude586 7 days ago
Why the hell do you want to cut your grapes just put them in your mouth and chew
Gamer dude586
Gamer dude586 7 days ago
This dude has never seen something peel a apple
Gamer dude586
Gamer dude586 7 days ago
Why do you care about the butter strings it’s going toMelt anyways
100K Zrel
100K Zrel 7 days ago
Woo hoo
Leena Zakaria
Leena Zakaria 7 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how bad he butchered the last gadget??
Seboygaming 7 days ago
U need to put in the spikes
Lando Curry
Lando Curry 7 days ago
Tomatoes are nasty
Brianna P
Brianna P 8 days ago
he still got his christmas tree up and it’s almost march lol
Sai Kun
Sai Kun 8 days ago
16:31 i stuck my corn there now I can't become a father
Minik 8 days ago
The intro really pissed me off. No cap😂
Rebecca Valdez
Rebecca Valdez 8 days ago
its funny when he says its a life hack but its really for it
Caleb Dubose
Caleb Dubose 8 days ago
Man you fell off hard no hate but u used to Avery like 5mill view a vid
Justin 8 days ago
Yo wolfie you gotta bring back the DIY shot glasses
Ashley Muse
Ashley Muse 8 days ago
U should tik tok gadget with faze rug 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😫
Icy Trigger
Icy Trigger 8 days ago
i didn't know apple made necklaces lol
Meet The Robinsons
Me on Christmas 2020: When is my potato pealer coming 😳
Demonic876 8 days ago
This is the first time in like 2 years Wolfie came up on my recommended and I only clicked to comment this lol
Addison Bolton
Addison Bolton 8 days ago
The strings from the butter knife was made for cold butter so it melted faster
JST-_-Mars ,
JST-_-Mars , 8 days ago
Og Wolfie is back 🙂
BEN DOVER 8 days ago
Definitely try putting a wet paper towel under the onions or on the cutting board and see if it makes you sleepy still bet it won’t 💪
Kohen Serna
Kohen Serna 8 days ago
“Now I can enjoy this salad with my lettuce”
Christopher Garcia
Legend 🔥
J H 8 days ago
Why's dudes head so damn big?
h i
h i 8 days ago
The first gadget is perfect for making easter eggs 👌
sehraj gill
sehraj gill 8 days ago
Wolfie got kinda chunks
Ozy Aldo
Ozy Aldo 8 days ago
11:26 you gonna be having some kids😭
Ozy Aldo
Ozy Aldo 8 days ago
The potato’s got waves
Ozy Aldo
Ozy Aldo 8 days ago
“Eggs lives matter out some respect on the yoke”😭
Dr. Mango
Dr. Mango 8 days ago
“Just in case you want an apple necklace” 😂
EL LOKI 4 days ago
Is it apple OG😂😂
Drronezz 6 days ago
Nah I’ve always wanted apple spaghetti tbh
Mr O _ Vlogs
Mr O _ Vlogs 6 days ago
Apple watching this like 👁 👄 👁
Razorz_Edge _1
Razorz_Edge _1 8 days ago
Wow bro you have dieeddddd these last 2 years
FTG Magic
FTG Magic 8 days ago
i hate eggs and mayonaise
That kid Jay
That kid Jay 8 days ago
I’m 14 and cook very often and I’ve never cried while cutting onions
Vincent On
Vincent On 8 days ago
How you still be doing the same shit for ~2 years? I feel like you’ve already made this video.
Evan Shafer
Evan Shafer 8 days ago
Midd the old you :(
Evan Shafer
Evan Shafer 8 days ago
Dyami Ramsey
Dyami Ramsey 8 days ago
The last object he was using it wrong😂 after you push it in you pull down and over and it’s a perfect cut
Allison B
Allison B 8 days ago
YOU USED THE WATERMELON ONE WRONG! And you should redo the corn in another!!!! First one tho? How many shell do you normally average? 😂 it’s easier and faster just to crack.
Allison B
Allison B 8 days ago
He should get sponsored from “ZIP SLICER” 😂
Brandon Blair
Brandon Blair 8 days ago
Eh wolfie u used the slicer in the end wrong u used it wrong
Idan Rgoane
Idan Rgoane 9 days ago
you can talk shit to the onions
Wisher playz
Wisher playz 9 days ago
Wisher playz
Wisher playz 9 days ago
Damnnn wolfie be looking slimmm boy is ready to fight FLOYED MAYWHETHER boy be looking buff
Lucas Kunkle
Lucas Kunkle 9 days ago
I can't eat bc I'm in hospitail
Cjz GaMeZ
Cjz GaMeZ 9 days ago
Adel Khodier
Adel Khodier 9 days ago
Why do you guys still have a Christmas tree in February
Sueheidie Maciel
Sueheidie Maciel 9 days ago
Wolfie content is the side of US-first I wanna be on never fails to make me laugh !
Fatal 9 days ago
11:26 meme this
Chickn TheWoo
Chickn TheWoo 9 days ago
Still got the Christmas tree up in February??
J. Balvin - Ma' G
J. Balvin - Ma' G