Telling My Girlfriend Her Cooking is DISGUSTING *SHE'S MAD* 

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Telling my girlfriend her cooking tastes bad. She got so mad at me.
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Dec 22, 2020




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MoreWolfie 2 months ago
happy holidays
Dave 132
Dave 132 4 days ago
Merry Christmas
slc zxmb ツ
slc zxmb ツ 2 months ago
Merr Christmas
Mikayla Finley
Mikayla Finley 2 months ago
I have never laughed so hard in my life 😂 @6:08
HD Optix
HD Optix 2 months ago
Matthew O
Matthew O 2 months ago
get a actual job
joshua shivers
joshua shivers 11 days ago
Amonty Benjamin
Amonty Benjamin 14 days ago
Justin can but Shawn no
Rohan W
Rohan W 16 days ago
“ur a walking copyright” 😭😭😭
Shaun Yettukuri
Shaun Yettukuri 18 days ago
bruh timmys closed down where i lived :(
Henry Stowers
Henry Stowers 20 days ago
justas beaver is like 1962 like bruh so old my bruh
kelvin tyrone
kelvin tyrone Month ago
my fam saved the same tree FOR 5 years STill looks good!
Tim Month ago
Ivy Qi
Ivy Qi Month ago
walking copyright GAHAGAH AHHAAHHAH
HoodieRaptor Month ago
i read the title and said thats a no no in any relationship lmaoo
TinyT Month ago
When will they marry tho ?
Andrea Ozuna
Andrea Ozuna Month ago
When I visited Canada and tried Tims coffee, I did not like it at all😭
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop 2 months ago
6:13 this man is jokes
Daniel Lucas
Daniel Lucas 2 months ago
I love how his mom talks behind the camara 😂😎 roasting wolfie thru the whole video lol funny
Raeesah Vali
Raeesah Vali 2 months ago
I didn't know Justin Bieber fans still existed💀
kyle geske
kyle geske 2 months ago
Bruh his dad 😂😂 4:55
Dahlia 2 months ago
I thought the same thing as Sylvia about the big Christmas tree 😏
Justice Tamaalii
Justice Tamaalii 2 months ago
Justin Bieber is definitely invited to the cookout
itzjustfred 2 months ago
Charlie- I don’t really cook anymore Chadwithaj- US-first cook off with WOFLIE! 😂
Laila A
Laila A 2 months ago
they think shawn is soft 😐
Laila A
Laila A 2 months ago
Enzo 2 months ago
This man really did all this just to take it down a week later
Wild Aspect
Wild Aspect 2 months ago
1:13 SHEEESH 😂😂😂😂✌🏻
driton berisha bass test
Get a go pro So you can record a US-first videos and higher quality
Noah Lerma
Noah Lerma 2 months ago
I lost it when he spat out the pasta😂😂
Miguel R
Miguel R 2 months ago
Damn who remembers when zack was a mute lesbian 😂
Johnathan Doggett
Johnathan Doggett 2 months ago
Justin Bieber yes
Lybik 2 months ago
Shawn Mendes not invited .
20 hours ago
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss 2 months ago
Love your videos!! 🔥🔥
Mike Swartz
Mike Swartz 2 months ago
You’re so right with this iced Capp from Timmy’s is the best nothing else beats it
Jessica Quispe
Jessica Quispe 2 months ago
A neighborhood that gets its lawn trimmed on the same day is where I aspire to be in one day 🤞🏼
Marvin Gordon
Marvin Gordon 2 months ago
Justin is invited to the cook out stop playing 😭😭 Timberlake can come too
CharMinx 2 months ago
That Christmas tree is huge
Jesse M
Jesse M 2 months ago
Nobody found that dirty about the Christmas tree just Silvia
jake aldape
jake aldape 2 months ago
love u dad wolfie no homo tho
vG Psyche
vG Psyche 2 months ago
Damn where’d all the views go?
Grinxhy_SnagzForFun 2 months ago
Check out my twitch bro please been grinding Twitch: snagz_ForFun
addison Johnson
addison Johnson 2 months ago
Happy holiday
Ntokozo Masilela
Ntokozo Masilela 2 months ago
If I spoke to my mom the way you do. She would rip my soul out my body
Rick Larios
Rick Larios 2 months ago
We all know wolfies cooking is 10x better lmao 🤣
Curly Fries
Curly Fries 2 months ago
Bro ngl, all these famous youtubers used to be so popular back in the days like wolfie, he used to average about 2-3 millions views, now it’s like no one even watches him like that anymore. People only focus on the old you and can’t accept the new you. Sad what this world come to
Porscha Sifuentes
Porscha Sifuentes 2 months ago
Was that a big dollar tree store
holywattah 2 months ago
Miichaeljr 2 months ago
Jack Harlow is invited fasho and Justin Bieber
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore 2 months ago
French vanilla with espresso hell yeah. Also yes I am born and raised Canadian and yes Starbucks is better than timmies.
Struggle 2 months ago
UFC. Omg am I NELK I don't have the permissions for that.
Miichaeljr 2 months ago
love the video
dwende4life 2 months ago
Wolfie, ur skin looks better than mine wtf after all my facials fml hahahahahaha
dwende4life 2 months ago
Hky King
Hky King 2 months ago
It’s probably 7’1 😂
Kila kila
Kila kila 2 months ago
love these family viiibez
NaveLacole 2 months ago
I’ve been watching wolfie since I was like 16 , I’m 21 now. 🤍
Natalie Vidal
Natalie Vidal 2 months ago
Wolfe: 🤣 it’s one of those neighbourhoods that cuts the grass at the same time and have the same decorations 🤣
McCosh 35
McCosh 35 2 months ago
“walking copyright” “ufc am i nelk” dkmmm fam😭😭😭
goobie GO
goobie GO 2 months ago
show us your sister more wolfie
Najee Vazquez
Najee Vazquez 2 months ago
Sunflower 2 months ago
liget i put hedwig on my tree from harry potter on my tree insted of a star
Cristian Cedillo
Cristian Cedillo 2 months ago
Why does it come pre fluffed
Amin Jowhar
Amin Jowhar 2 months ago
She said “ Black barbecue“
Josue Mendoza
Josue Mendoza 2 months ago
5:08 i see that marijuana tree 🤫
Josiah Stevens
Josiah Stevens 2 months ago
Zach looks like Anderson Paak in this vid😂
Adithya Menon
Adithya Menon 2 months ago
That's Ryan's twin right there
Wisher playz
Wisher playz 2 months ago
Your girlfirend is pretty no homo but ur a pretty good looking dude yalll make a cute couple
Wisher playz
Wisher playz 2 months ago
Retrive ur like from here
Wisher playz
Wisher playz 2 months ago
Wassup wolfie
Diego Tirado
Diego Tirado 2 months ago
00:45 Wolfie: you have a 12 footer. Silvia stares down at wolfie. 😂😂😂😂😂
Zaireen Sofea
Zaireen Sofea 2 months ago
i loveeee seeing your mom and dadddd idky it reminds me of the old vlogs!!
Keshler Sanon
Keshler Sanon 2 months ago
5:00 when wolfies dad is the only one who just got the sex joke between his son and his girl
Nadean Truelove
Nadean Truelove 2 months ago
Poor Sylvia
Jazmin Valladolid
Jazmin Valladolid 2 months ago
Heavily felt that “we gotta fit in” 😂
RiZe Jerry
RiZe Jerry 2 months ago
Fun fact:you skipped to the prank
Revan 2 months ago
Do not insult an Italian about their speghetti!
J Div
J Div 2 months ago
My man that is not spaghetti. Don't disrespect us italians like that
Evan Olivares
Evan Olivares 2 months ago
jacinta surace
jacinta surace 2 months ago
when he had another bite and he said its under cooked HAHAHAHAHA im dead
JÂY BØLT 2 months ago
bro i literally just ate spaghetties
randy boiteau
randy boiteau 2 months ago
Sylvia looking like Marlon Wayans in the white chick's in the past few thumbnails
Justin's Life
Justin's Life 2 months ago
Wolfe should do more videos with his brother and sister!
Marisa Cohen
Marisa Cohen 2 months ago
Ok but all of your Christmas decorations are so cute 🥺
Mauree Barnett
Mauree Barnett 2 months ago
Soccer Sara
Soccer Sara 2 months ago
What is the cook out?
Third High Productions
Wolfie nobody believes you're my cousin smh
Yessica Hernandez
Yessica Hernandez 2 months ago
The fact you lowkey look like him 🤣
YSL Lightz
YSL Lightz 2 months ago
Your just tryna get clout 😂😂😂
urhwnduhe 2 months ago
@Mason like it?
Mason 2 months ago
@urhwnduhe your pfp is beast boy bru
urhwnduhe 2 months ago
@Edward Marquez I'm chillin
Shane Exilhomme
Shane Exilhomme 2 months ago
This man wolfie hella sarcastic 😭😭
Yeahthatskyle 2 months ago
I only have half an invite but Shawn and Justin gotta stay home 😂 MAYBE Justin is nah idk lol
isaac 2 months ago
Zoe Flemming
Zoe Flemming 2 months ago
My favorite youtuber of all time. Happy holidays
HB Fire
HB Fire 2 months ago
Wolfie vlogs undefeated no 🧢
Adam Almassudi
Adam Almassudi 2 months ago
Ay wolfie. I’m from Michigan and we have Tim hortons, and yeah dem ice caps GOOD! 🧊 ☕️
Jacky Tovar
Jacky Tovar 2 months ago
It’s not that much bigger than me 😂😂
Magic Man but friendly
How many times has wolfie said "cause I'm 6'5"
Ace Isaac
Ace Isaac 2 months ago
I died when your dad was staring at the camera lmao
Ace Isaac
Ace Isaac 2 months ago
Love you Wolfie
ShawnVBEasy 2 months ago
Lmao Wolfie saying, “you are literally a walking copyright” 😂
dimples_thoeee 2 months ago
It’s the “are you a surgeon” for me😭😭😂Charles mom is funny
dwende4life 2 months ago
Lol that really made me laugh... ya like wtf are u a surgeon dumba**
Cap Artist
Cap Artist 2 months ago
Hungry Shark World
Hungry Shark World 2 months ago
Sean Sim
Sean Sim 2 months ago
Happy that wolfie is back to his OG self! Love the vlogs man!
ayyekrisssy 2 months ago
LMFAO I love your parents also Justin Bieber is definitely invited to the cookout. Shawn can come with Justin but he would never come on his own. Lol
mzm3nd0za 2 months ago
sylvia said “decorate my 12 footer” 😂
Mobasshir Alam
Mobasshir Alam 2 months ago
YOOO the focus was off istg
Ezzyo M.4.T.W
Ezzyo M.4.T.W 2 months ago
It's dope seeing people celebrate Christmas