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This was the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT opening ever!!
I surprised my girlfriend with her dream present and my family was so shocked!!
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Dec 26, 2020




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CEMPS Month ago
hook me up with some Designer Wolfie
aaliyah silva
aaliyah silva Month ago
God🦋💙 loves,cares and bless you guys:)! Happy birthday Jesus 🤍✨. Merry Christmas 🎄💓
lily Gamer
lily Gamer Month ago
cool parents okay with your girlfriend swearing
Srikar Kovirineni
how much you tryna sell your bags for
Mariah Chambers
Mariah Chambers Month ago
Merry Christmas to you and your family love u Sylvia ❤️ also I’ll buy your bags lol
Molls Trudgett
Molls Trudgett 2 months ago
Be careful with the diffuser oils as some can be poisonous to doggos xx
Prodigy 2 months ago
Yoooo I low key want those nikes he got, does anyone know where to get them?
GARY GILL 2 months ago
Prince has the mentality of Garfield the damn cat.
BKGammes 2 months ago
Tabinda Ahmad
Tabinda Ahmad 2 months ago
This stuff makes me so happy, I am alone for the holidays so this makes my heart happy
Arturito Gamer
Arturito Gamer 2 months ago
In the same pajamas except the shirt was black
Arturito Gamer
Arturito Gamer 2 months ago
Me and you have the same slippers
50% OFF
50% OFF 2 months ago
So she wakes up on Christmas yea and b4 anything she does her makeup? Is that coz u are filming or is she just a makeup addict? Either way she's peng ya know
TJ Hennel
TJ Hennel 2 months ago
oh men
Meghan Morrow
Meghan Morrow 2 months ago
i thought they broke up-? did they get back together
F1Z1 X
F1Z1 X 2 months ago
Wolfie u don’t know me but I used to watch ur videos a couple years back and I’m glad to see that ur still uploading, miss the old days man keep up the grind maybe the algorithm with pick you back up again
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss 2 months ago
I love you guys ❤️
Brian Lemus
Brian Lemus 2 months ago
what shoes are those those fire i need those
The Dirty Camper
The Dirty Camper 2 months ago
Glad to see Charlie being Charlie not hype beast wolfie lmao love them basement days
The Dirty Camper
The Dirty Camper 2 months ago
Next Christmas it's gon be a prank then engagement ring
wxvy 2 months ago
bet no one in the comments are from 4 years ago😢 what happend
Ace Isaac
Ace Isaac 2 months ago
Yeah ehhhhh
Reception Deception
Reception Deception 2 months ago
bro im actually curious about what he was doing to prince lmao
YooTaps ENT
YooTaps ENT 2 months ago
She really beat her face for this video
sabrina ayoubi
sabrina ayoubi 2 months ago
"i'm over buying designer" most realist thing anyone has ever said. keeping it humble, the way it should be 🙌🏽
Outcast Zoy
Outcast Zoy 2 months ago
This dude use to get millions of views on his video now he gets like 200k each vid kinda sad
Shucks 2 months ago
She's still with this joke?
jayden alva
jayden alva 2 months ago
someone tell me what shoes those are that wolfie got
Parker Jenkins
Parker Jenkins 2 months ago
I have those pajamas
Justice Tamaalii
Justice Tamaalii 2 months ago
It’s always good seeing the fam together! More life 🤎
Fire Fox
Fire Fox 2 months ago
Silvia's feet are TOP NOTCH! 😍😍
Trama Music
Trama Music 2 months ago
I thought dustin was Cole Bennet for a second 💀
Anthony Green
Anthony Green 2 months ago
I whould love some daziner
Rob M
Rob M 2 months ago
4.3m subs and only 59k views... oh how the mighty have fallen
Diego Delgado
Diego Delgado 2 months ago
It’s my birthday
Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia 2 months ago
Wolfie every second be like SHEEEEEEEESHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH💯
ItsNayeliツ 2 months ago
Im late but love y’all guys happy holidays!
Cristian Vasquez
Cristian Vasquez 2 months ago
Wolfies BACKAZ tho 😈
Tylon Arendse
Tylon Arendse 2 months ago
Wait wolfie stop she's only 17
Can I get 1,000 subs with no vid
Who else remembers when corona was just a drink🍻🔥
Sam Batarra
Sam Batarra 2 months ago
Tbh this is wolfie genuinely happy, freaking proud of this guy
Najee Vazquez
Najee Vazquez 2 months ago
Merry Christmas 🎄
Broken Person
Broken Person 2 months ago
I couldnt do anything on Christmas I was alone like any other holiday, been two years now I been alone let alone holidays too
XIVGrumpy 2 months ago
Is that Dustins female?!
Felix Dupuis
Felix Dupuis 2 months ago
I’d buy some designer bags off you. How much for the Gucci?
SLICKBLOWFISH 2 months ago
Wow the thumbnail looks like one of my favourite unverified videos that they just removed off of p*rnhub
Malachi Pollard
Malachi Pollard 2 months ago
His dad is swol
Yt _blitzchris
Yt _blitzchris 2 months ago
9:35 wolfie caught slacking with prince
Reception Deception
Reception Deception 2 months ago
Madison Olds
Madison Olds 2 months ago
So is Dustin Charlie’s brother?
Jessica Quispe
Jessica Quispe 2 months ago
I’m 27 and I appreciate these adult- home living- practical gifts
Maxwell Pfeiffer
Maxwell Pfeiffer 2 months ago
I love your doggos ❤😆
Mihika Kelkar
Mihika Kelkar 2 months ago
Merry Christmas Wolfie and Sylvia
baby k
baby k 2 months ago
awww i’m so proud of wolfie for not caring about designer now 😍😍 still a savage !!
David Banderas
David Banderas 2 months ago
Aye bet let me get a designer bag
Drip Kid
Drip Kid 2 months ago
Giveaway ur designer to rug logan jake and get clout
Timothy Medina
Timothy Medina 2 months ago
Smiled through the whole vlog! Merry Christmas 👑
lazilylei 2 months ago
You know they’re getting old when most of their gifts are home related🤣❤️✨🌲 Merry Christmas Wolf fam!
Rudy Huerta
Rudy Huerta 2 months ago
I’ve been quarantined since 3 days ago so I can’t do nothing 😢
Angel Urbina
Angel Urbina 2 months ago
Yo Charles can show thos jewelsss on your wrist more
rashed alshehab
rashed alshehab 2 months ago
Merry Christmas best youtuber wolfie
Jessica Carroll
Jessica Carroll 2 months ago
Lol at adult Wolfe 😁❤️! Merry Christmas everybody!
Brenda Nieves
Brenda Nieves 2 months ago
Merry🥰🧡💚🧑🏼‍🎄 Christmas 🎄🙏🏻💜🤍
Marti Prado-Curell
Marti Prado-Curell 2 months ago
merry chrismas everyone!!! Wolfie first! LOL
OG Squeezy
OG Squeezy 2 months ago
If Wolfie pins this then everyone has a merry Christmas
Marisol Rodriguez
Marisol Rodriguez 2 months ago
Merry chrysler
Gaurav Paudwal
Gaurav Paudwal 2 months ago
Wolfe actually looking pretty deezzd
taco taco
taco taco 2 months ago
who’s been here since wolfie and sylvia lived at his moms house 🤍🤍🤍
Bay Lee
Bay Lee 2 months ago
@taco taco right on, thank you.
taco taco
taco taco 2 months ago
@Bay Lee look at wolfie s old vids or sylvias
Bay Lee
Bay Lee 2 months ago
I thought they broke up years ago?
taco taco
taco taco 2 months ago
who’s been here since day one☃️☃️
delicious different meals
us-first.info/player/video/pqppgm6MmI5rpp8.html check this sweet for Christmas
666999 2 months ago
Black on black you can barely see him
Burton Webber
Burton Webber 2 months ago
merry christmas wolfie ps ill buy that designer off u if your actually down to sell email me burtonwebber@gmail.com
RREPPY 82 2 months ago
Why Sylvia gettin all the expensive shit
TzMJ 2 months ago
Alec Dalencour
Alec Dalencour 2 months ago
Let me buy some Designer off you Wolfie my boy 🙏🏾
Prophet Gaming
Prophet Gaming 2 months ago
Drew Macko
Drew Macko 2 months ago
Merry Christmas wolfie your h’d🔥
Gabe Abraham
Gabe Abraham 2 months ago
Merry Christmas everyone Damn Me and my fam didnt buy any gifts Man we just slept the whole month Just livin our normal lives But im still thankful for this You know for being alive So yeah fir everyone who didnt celebrate christmas Because their broke Be thankful still You know
KING RCT 2 months ago
When is the marriage
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 2 months ago
like two words Christmas presents
Troy Lester
Troy Lester 2 months ago
Wolfie the DIY GOD when are you going to propose to her
genevia osborne
genevia osborne 2 months ago
watching this makes me happy and sad at the same time
In it 2 win it
In it 2 win it 2 months ago
Did this make anyone else cry because their family doesn't do this anymore?
Preston Jones
Preston Jones 2 months ago
All the snow plow dudes are pissed
Astro Ren
Astro Ren 2 months ago
Merry Christmas
John diaz22
John diaz22 2 months ago
Wolfie Is there any way you can send me some of your old designer cloths I would appreciate it alot
Ezzyo M.4.T.W
Ezzyo M.4.T.W 2 months ago
#relationshipgoals they spoil each other
jaydon alves
jaydon alves 2 months ago
Is it just me or I swear Wolfie had Dustin last year for secret Santa
Marisa Cohen
Marisa Cohen 2 months ago
The matching pjs are so cute 🥺❤️
Tasheena Pasap
Tasheena Pasap 2 months ago
Merry Christmas to you and Sylvia ❤️
natasha kumar
natasha kumar 2 months ago
What Nike shoes are they 👀
Dalton Allen
Dalton Allen 2 months ago
It’s not JUST a bag, it’s PRADA 😂
Money B
Money B 2 months ago
Jg11 74
Jg11 74 2 months ago
@Dominick Cantu yessir
Dominick Cantu
Dominick Cantu 2 months ago
White chicks???
Kell Diaz
Kell Diaz 2 months ago
Sheesh merry Christmas 🎁🎄
Jazlin Alarcon
Jazlin Alarcon 2 months ago
I’m only watching if Sylvia is in it 👍🏼
Flowz 2 months ago
Is Santa real wolfie?
Nadean Truelove
Nadean Truelove 2 months ago
Dang putting a bandaid over your camera is kinda actually genius I’ve always just used cut off post its
Migyur Namgyal
Migyur Namgyal 2 months ago
Charles I’ve been noticing it to, that u stopped wearing designer, what changed ur mind to stop wearing and buying designer ? I don’t know it just made me think for a bit
Migyur Namgyal
Migyur Namgyal 2 months ago
Nadean Truelove
Nadean Truelove 2 months ago
I said it once and I’ll say it again I loveee the vibes of these vlogs you’ve been putting out!!
Dany Dimitrova
Dany Dimitrova 2 months ago
I loved it when Sylvia got the bag. She was so happy
Zackthelegend272 2 months ago
How are you doing Wolfie? You know I’m here!
Arash Aframian
Arash Aframian 2 months ago
I genuinely love ur vids there dope af