Last To Leave FACETIME Wins $10,000 With My Girlfriend 

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Last to Leave FACETIME call wins with my girlfriend. Can we stay on the phone for over 24 hours?!
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Dec 11, 2020




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MoreWolfie 2 months ago
Gaming With James 2
Hi! 😉👍
GoonZ_Kryptonite 19 days ago
s̶t̶u̶b̶b̶o̶r̶n̶ m̶i̶a̶
hi there :))
FireGhost 20 days ago
cool panda Graceindaily
Omg your the best US-firstr your so nice and the other US-firstrs scream a lot but you don’t 😀
vCashSuM 11 days ago
It’d I was in this tournament I would win so easily I been fting for like 300hrs
Twizted Clown
Twizted Clown 17 days ago
the benefit between our shitty winter and la is canada won't be under water in the next 10 - 30 years and threatened daily by a dam and mother nature.
Five Kilz - Nathan
Five Kilz - Nathan 19 days ago
Using your phone while driving... nice
Porgia Garcia
Porgia Garcia 20 days ago
FireGhost 20 days ago
Doo Doe
Doo Doe 20 days ago
My phone would blow up
David Serrano
David Serrano 26 days ago
Chiilll Mr. Beast
Lvsx 27 days ago
hicno crate
hicno crate 2 months ago
I did tgis challange with my best friend and it lasted 52 hours
Phillip Martin
Phillip Martin 2 months ago
I live in Alabama we never get snow for Christmas just step sisters stuck in dryers 😅😅🤣
RASHIKESH 2 months ago
Nobody beats wolfie.Sub to be a part of the crew
will foran
will foran 2 months ago
dead af
FeatureWah 2 months ago
Let's be deadass she never gave him 10k
JC W 2 months ago
weird question but, Is anyone selling an oculus quest for cheap? Because i really need and want one. btw im super serious
Nyroh 2 months ago
Omg Wolfe another banger cmon bro save the vids for me ❤️
ok 2 months ago
I had no idea Wolfe still existed I used to watch him he’ll in 2017-2016 lmao he kinda turned into the new morgz smh
{Nihaan} 2 months ago
Them: Does this challenge The FBI agent watching: “Ooooooo double the people, dOuBlE tHe TeA”
Dick Cheese
Dick Cheese 2 months ago
Kinda sad wolf I’d went from millions of views to only 200k, wish we could go back to when we was kids
Daniel Naing
Daniel Naing 2 months ago
wolfie remember this: dun dun dun dun ayy yo whatt's ggggood
Amanda Ferro
Amanda Ferro 2 months ago
I don’t understand, are wolfie parents no longer together? Cause he is saying “my mom is moving out” like she’s alone
DaZe_CombaT 2 months ago
Wassup wolfie it’s been a minute we played fortnite together back in season 2 or 3 but we should play fortnite or 2k21 next gen in the future and vibe out
Bob_ rl
Bob_ rl 2 months ago
Buffalo has snow too snow gang
Taylor Nicole Moore
Taylor Nicole Moore 2 months ago
I love y’all so much ❤️❤️
Emma ledbetter
Emma ledbetter 2 months ago
Dude that’s dumb as fuck that’s what like kids used to do in middle school I do that all the night with my boyfriend F your boyfriend and girlfriend don’t FaceTime each other at night and fall asleep then you don’t really love each other👀💕
Zachary Fuller
Zachary Fuller 2 months ago
Do you believe in Jesus
Mr21guy 2 months ago
They are dating they probably share the same credit card
TBG Jay 2 months ago
That phone bill📈
Marc 2 months ago
Man fell off
TreFlowersEXE 2 months ago
anthxnv 2 months ago
santa won’t be comming to my house this year :(
MOAL 2 months ago
Views are down 😂😂 love you fam
TreFlowersEXE 2 months ago
Dawsen Abbott
Dawsen Abbott 2 months ago
Wolfie needs a good realtor!!!! Would fix all his problems. He needs to hit me up for some real estate help!!
LLIL BROKEN 2 months ago
Ur videos are shit go fuck urself
Emmanuel Lara Acosta
who else has been here since Wolfie started youtube
Emmanuel Lara Acosta
@TreFlowersEXE yeeee i did
TreFlowersEXE 2 months ago
then i bet you saw how he fell off
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 2 months ago
I thought they had a house in la? What did I miss lol
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 2 months ago
Are his parents still together?
Norma Rivas
Norma Rivas 2 months ago
First wolfie you're amazing stay savage
Zackthelegend272 2 months ago
What’s good wolfie?
Mitchell Somohardjo
Mitchell Somohardjo 2 months ago
Let’s be honest back in the day you be hitting more views but me YES ME stil watch you since day 1 #bringteamalboback
Kamden Studnicki
Kamden Studnicki 2 months ago
Who paying you the 10,000 if you win???
Luke Tauzin
Luke Tauzin 2 months ago
They showed your indestructible soccer ball video in my bible class yesterday
The RSW Family
The RSW Family 2 months ago
Hey US-first family Roland and I share love and support we hope you like our videos and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe. us-first.info/player/video/eMRlhql0c65pZZM.html 🙏🏾💯💓....
Ethan Clark
Ethan Clark 2 months ago
I live in Michigan and there is literally now single bit of snow
Ethan Clark
Ethan Clark 2 months ago
There is no point of Christmas without snow
bjackson 2 months ago
trying to flex your ps5 ay charles
AT Family
AT Family 2 months ago
Does she not watch ur vids
1023 Entertainment
1023 Entertainment 2 months ago
Next time do it without charging your phone. What ever battery percentage you’re at you have to deal with it. I think it would be more intense.
Jamal Salazar
Jamal Salazar 2 months ago
Why you looking for a new house when you got one already
DOM THE BOM 2 months ago
What’s wrong with ur current LA Crib
winny herfel
winny herfel 2 months ago
Seriously though I’m from northern Michigan and being in Alabama for the past few years i have completely forgotten what Christmas is haha 😂.
Christian Gamer
Christian Gamer 2 months ago
be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now try read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple.....:,. Ok.. I.
Tripp The Goat
Tripp The Goat 2 months ago
You should do 4 years ago wolfie like so he can see
Flowz 2 months ago
Why are u moving please comment back unless it’s personal Also just curios
CrimsonBreaker 2 months ago
Why your sky look like the world finna end
death 2 months ago
When is u dropping some new music wolfie?
Justin Verreault
Justin Verreault 2 months ago
Bruh you and Swaze made it in the recent James Charles video!
Loleta Eshaq
Loleta Eshaq 2 months ago
Wolfe’s under eyes are so funny lol
Marlissa G
Marlissa G 2 months ago
what’s wrong with your eyebrows
Tenzin Drenpa
Tenzin Drenpa 2 months ago
From day 1 baby
Rihillex 2 months ago
This video was so funny
ZAM O 2 months ago
U call that snow I call that hone aka Wisconsin
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 2 months ago
Wolfe I been sayin this for years how are you taller then your dad Nd mom
Marv1n Kub
Marv1n Kub 2 months ago
Damn I live in LA never seen snow😤😞
Isaac Cota-Angulo
Isaac Cota-Angulo 2 months ago
I know you may not see this, but irvine has a lot of great apartments and homes and it in oc and close to LA. Just tryna help ya out man! Good look finding the house!
payasito 420
payasito 420 2 months ago
yo wolf Ive been a big fan for a while u have and had great content I remember when u used to post the arcade videos it was almost like a trend haha anyway use been a real one I still listen to many is hot sometimes lol ur and amazing person u should do more DIYs those were funny im a big fan keep u the good work man I wish I was a part of your friend group u guys are funny I remember when big dick Dave was ur camera man good ol times man if u ever read this Man U have been an amazing person and awesome content creator
Jessie Bee
Jessie Bee 2 months ago
The snow looks so nice. Would love to spend Christmas in the snow. You guys are lucky
Diveen Balakumar
Diveen Balakumar 2 months ago
8:30 wolfies big toe in his sock LOOOOL
shashika. 2000
shashika. 2000 2 months ago
Dylan Smitthy
Dylan Smitthy 2 months ago
2017-18 wolfieraps was sum different. I feel like he fellllllll off on US-first
HaydenCooper 2 months ago
That's easy for me cause I'm clingy
Lance yt
Lance yt 2 months ago
Sup wolfierapes
Raul Martínez
Raul Martínez 2 months ago
THE MARKET IS DOWN IN LISTINGS! Likely will not recover untill late 2021.
Shyanne Boulette
Shyanne Boulette 2 months ago
I live in Thunder Bay Ontario. No snow here yet!!!!
KRZY ANML FRK 2 months ago
This Video is keeping you out of trouble
Jz Outlaw
Jz Outlaw 2 months ago
Og wolf fam where you at
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz 2 months ago
Damn wolfie jus did this cs he wanna simp 😂😂😂
POORALEX 2 months ago
Shouldn't it be "first one to leave?"
Marisa Cohen
Marisa Cohen 2 months ago
Sylvia is so gorgeous 🥺❤️
Shane Held
Shane Held 2 months ago
Where is your dad
LKR 2 months ago
Sylvia is the real winner
Mf Lu
Mf Lu 2 months ago
I know it’s great in LA but we getting shat by game 7 comeback Lebron
Amanda Dutcher
Amanda Dutcher 2 months ago
Why the fuck are you always moving
Yencia Minnis
Yencia Minnis 2 months ago
wolfe and sylvia are goals 😌👍
Aaliyah Harrison
Aaliyah Harrison 2 months ago
I’m just waiting for the proposal ong😔
iiKev Playz
iiKev Playz 2 months ago
OP_Alejandro 2 months ago
Dennis Gray
Dennis Gray 2 months ago
yo why is wolfie losing subs
zoom sebastian
zoom sebastian 2 months ago
The whole point of the challenge is to stay in the whole time without breaks
NAXTY 2 months ago
Can yall leave a like on this video if you can? us-first.info/player/video/sNBnYKuie5-apaM.html
Broseph 2 months ago
Me looking at all the cloths Wolfe has and also I would rather live where the snow is at
Allahjuan Blocker
Allahjuan Blocker 2 months ago
Matthew Ochoa
Matthew Ochoa 2 months ago
Yo I didn’t know Wolfe actually read the comments
That Girl Blair
That Girl Blair 2 months ago
Sylvia watching this and suprise being ruined 👁👃🏼👁
Roger Armando Che
Roger Armando Che 2 months ago
I wake up from a 6 hour nap and wake up to see wolifes cousin morewolfie upload? Lit
Hemran 2 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/ZqaYY6mEp6-EmX0.html I made the ACE family 20 Million Play Button
Hemran 2 months ago
I made the ACE family 20 Million Play Button
Austin Porcincula
Austin Porcincula 2 months ago
Who been here since the og diy kitchen?!?!
The King
The King 2 months ago
But what if she watch the video
Shurog 1
Shurog 1 2 months ago
Sending you positive vibees when am feeling low cause am an og wolfam 🙄
NAXTY 2 months ago
Can yall leave a like on this video if you can? us-first.info/player/video/sNBnYKuie5-apaM.html
KVBVL 2 months ago
Why does Wolfie have so much clothes tho😭😭
Sliceifyy 2 months ago
I love Wolfe Vlogs they are so funny
Jason Shaw
Jason Shaw 2 months ago
I don't know what's more fire this content or his music! Keep killing it bro