LAST TO Stop IGNORING Their GIRLFRIEND Wins $10,000 **COUPLES Challenge** 

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Who can go the entire day of 24 hours WITHOUT responding to their girlfriend?! Last to stop ignoring their girlfriend WINS!!
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Dec 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
MoreWolfie 2 months ago
the iconic lightskin duo is back
Timothy Lewis
Timothy Lewis 17 days ago
Fuckin waaavvvvyyyyyy
Joshua Goltz
Joshua Goltz 2 months ago
Ahaha yes
CoCo 1505
CoCo 1505 2 months ago
Wait she is albanian?????!?! Dude u are DEAD
weedybird 2 months ago
Hey man keep up the vids. If been watching you sice i was a lil lid dog. And your views have dropped like a mf but the real day ones still got you back. Im proud of you homie
NullieGullie 2 months ago
Nice video man very funne
Reggie Carter
Reggie Carter 3 days ago
D'Nya Buchanan
D'Nya Buchanan 9 days ago
Are they brothers because I still don’t know
Benno'sTraps 12 days ago
Didn’t know Sylvia was actually Albanian ? 😂
Nathan Gonzalez
Nathan Gonzalez 13 days ago
Don't use God's name in vain
IOWNSTATICZ 18 days ago
Lmao this was so funny
Marigona Kryeziu
Marigona Kryeziu 19 days ago
Sylvia is Albanian waitt whatttttty
Castillo Sketches
Castillo Sketches 19 days ago
I ant a simp I'm a pimp
chaos tiger
chaos tiger 20 days ago
Olivia Lorenzo
Olivia Lorenzo 20 days ago
DC 2SICK 21 day ago
yo does anyone else have that feeling that they knew this was happening and they were just playing along
Reaboka Sothoane
Reaboka Sothoane 22 days ago
I'm a simmmmmmmmp
G 9INE Music
G 9INE Music 22 days ago
He said shout out to Ryan's Toys Reviews...man is in front of a mouth wash bottle🤣🤦‍♂️👌🔥💯❤
Abdullah 2460
Abdullah 2460 26 days ago
Lol 😂
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez 27 days ago
im a simp ✨
Kevin Ndreka
Kevin Ndreka 29 days ago
Theres no way sylvia is albanian where she from
Yomo_47 Month ago
4:17 clean your car bro
Eron Lahu
Eron Lahu Month ago
I'm albanian too g
Think Month ago
Love from Albania
Camdyn Copenhaver
I’m a simp🙄😄
AT Gotti
AT Gotti Month ago
🖐I simp for my girl
Alan Contreras
Alan Contreras Month ago
Proof he wears his mask 3:50
The Real Budney
The Real Budney Month ago
I simp for my girl no cap 🥺🥺
PsYcCho Month ago
Where are my Albanians 🇦🇱 🇽🇰
XPERT-XP Month ago
Anyone know what happened to the g wagon
Majestic Beast
Majestic Beast Month ago
Light skin with a tan here
Ban Month ago
I luuuuuv simpin' for my girl
hungryman Month ago
hitting 1k without a video?🙄
Tech Is life
Tech Is life Month ago
I love these types of videos and they’re pretty lit lol
Maduwa Sinera
Maduwa Sinera Month ago
Damn is that wolfe
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia Month ago
simping is not bad just means that you know how to love them
Dylan Falco
Dylan Falco Month ago
Who else clicked knowin dam straight swaze ain’t got no girl 🤣💀
Rina Dolan
Rina Dolan Month ago
How am I just finding out that Sylvia is albanian
Rina Dolan
Rina Dolan Month ago
How am I just finding out that Silvia is albanian
Federico Maccio`
Federico Maccio` 2 months ago
Where can I find that Champion Fleece Bomber Jacket?
Jessica Quispe
Jessica Quispe 2 months ago
I’m laughing 😆 this is too funny also when Charlie says he didn’t send a GM text and he’s already in trouble is sweet
itsaridon 2 months ago
Wtfffff i didnt know she was albanian 😦😦 I’m albanian and our culture is very big on being w our own kind, dating, marriage etc, U guys should make a video talking about how yall made it work & how it was!!!
High Asf
High Asf 2 months ago
Ryan is the goat 🐐
lucky star
lucky star 2 months ago
hate to break it to you, but ALBANIANS ARE WHITE
Kimani 123
Kimani 123 2 months ago
Jayson Joseph
Jayson Joseph 2 months ago
Burnnnnnnnn her makeup
Valentina Morina [Student]
Kaydondon 2 months ago
yo me and wolfie are like twins we like all the same stuff loki
Jesus Langarica
Jesus Langarica 2 months ago
I’m a simp
KidIDub 2 months ago
Albanians are white lol
Wiggle Fire
Wiggle Fire 2 months ago
Yes simp
BAPE Cartz
BAPE Cartz 2 months ago
Ayo what’s good
catkill 420
catkill 420 2 months ago
Swayze baby
Liz Royce
Liz Royce 2 months ago
His contact name is "SG" LMAO for sylvia :C damn I would be hurt
Enclitic 2 months ago
Ryan’s face in the thumbnail got me dead 💀💀😂😂
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 2 months ago
I'm a simp i don't got a girlfriend tho
Christo Hadjixiros
Christo Hadjixiros 2 months ago
airey. pooh
airey. pooh 2 months ago
Not the makeup . She will literally kill you
Muhammad Shah
Muhammad Shah 2 months ago
Man i miss wolfie a lot... remember when you get a milion views man that’s hilarious
Lindsey Gins
Lindsey Gins 2 months ago
y’all look related
Autie B
Autie B 2 months ago
Y’all stressin bout finding another house & im broke and basically homeless damn😥🙄😬
yara andrade
yara andrade 2 months ago
This must be triggering for her
AwesomeDude Playz
AwesomeDude Playz 2 months ago
U know they can c that u saw the text right
Joniel Villegas
Joniel Villegas 2 months ago
You soooo liitttttt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jaevin Tomas
Jaevin Tomas 2 months ago
when the giveaway
Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste 2 months ago
We ain’t 3 hours behind you 3 hours ahead
Chelsea 2 months ago
Bro I frickin love sweet chili heat. (Probably because it's the only Doritos I can have Lmao)
daddynick 7920
daddynick 7920 2 months ago
Remember when u use to get million of views damn what happens 😂
Jacob Sweeten
Jacob Sweeten 2 months ago
Last to stop ignoring. So just don’t ignore her and win 10k
Jamerson Franklin II
Nayeli Chavez
Nayeli Chavez 2 months ago
ThiccTiger456 2 months ago
Abubakar Tariq
Abubakar Tariq 2 months ago
Wolfie has subed to morgz
Ramongmz19 2 months ago
I’m a simp🥺🥺
Tiger Killer
Tiger Killer 2 months ago
I would fail she going to pull out the lanjuary
Yagnik Raval
Yagnik Raval 2 months ago
Let us pray for wolfie as he is dead after this video
KrazyAlex817 2 months ago
princess sophia
princess sophia 2 months ago
This is my husband everyday 😊
Bryan Dao
Bryan Dao 2 months ago
The black perch ethically work because quail rhetorically hate down a tricky wax. imminent, jaded television
Calvin Mehuron
Calvin Mehuron 2 months ago
You should rename your Chanel sexy Wolfe
thr33strps 2 months ago
He hasn’t posted on yt he’s dead 😓
Wilson Ndikuriyo
Wilson Ndikuriyo 2 months ago
Y'all talking about no communication for a day, try 9months without seeing each other. It's fun
Joaquin_817 -
Joaquin_817 - 2 months ago
“Spanish girlfriend” 💀
weedybird 2 months ago
Hey man keep up the vids. If been watching you sice i was a lil lid dog. And your views have dropped like a mf but the real day ones still got you back. Im proud of you homie
epic gaming tv
epic gaming tv 2 months ago
Need to bring back knife wolfie yayeet
epic gaming tv
epic gaming tv 2 months ago
Good to see classic Wolfie back
epic gaming tv
epic gaming tv 2 months ago
This is a banger
Alexis pelland
Alexis pelland 2 months ago
yaaas my fave chips to !
PC/ MAC fix it guy
PC/ MAC fix it guy 2 months ago
i been premoting your music on my snap #Charle$ @morewolfie @Charle$
Aaron Prado
Aaron Prado 2 months ago
You should do last to use their phone
Alan Contreras
Alan Contreras 2 months ago
Flowz 2 months ago
Snow already?
Lorxn 2 months ago
No way she is albanian i am to
Chavo Ok
Chavo Ok 2 months ago
Damn my dude fell of
Fat floyd
Fat floyd 2 months ago
I am a simp
Fat floyd
Fat floyd 2 months ago
Art Latifaj
Art Latifaj 2 months ago
Don’t look Here
Don’t look Here 2 months ago
Wait when did Icejjfish get a girl?!?
Ig hoaxzszn
Ig hoaxzszn 2 months ago
Bro whyd people stop watching him bro hed getting such bad views wtf😭😭🥱
jondo ysl
jondo ysl 2 months ago
damn u used to be the man what happened homie
Ant T
Ant T 2 months ago
Love u and Sylvia together !
Rk Kaura
Rk Kaura 2 months ago
missed this duo bare, whatta classic!!!
brianna rod
brianna rod 2 months ago
what happened with the asian
Prophecy LJ
Prophecy LJ 2 months ago
TEHTEZ _ 2 months ago
Who’s Esmerelda?
Christyan Gray
Christyan Gray 2 months ago
Pimps no simps