i've been keeping this secret from you for 3 years. 

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It's time I talk to you guys about this for the first time.
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Jan 9, 2021




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MoreWolfie Month ago
should I keep looking in my childhood box for more stuff? I think I found my first love letter I wrote when I was in grade 3 😂
Emily McMahon
Emily McMahon Month ago
I’m an O.G I swearrr
Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones Month ago
you should post like a big throwback on your main about everything that’s happened since the og days like the challenge videos to now because it’s been a minute since i’ve seen one of your videos.
Cristian Chavez
Cristian Chavez Month ago
Bro can I please get a ps5 please bro,my ig is c_h_v_z975
Daniel W
Daniel W Month ago
How could i be your camera man ?
DANIEL Month ago
I a real og I remember when you told us you used to use your mom credit card to take Silvia out 😂😂
Kourosh Jodaei
Kourosh Jodaei 2 days ago
Been here since the iPhone hacking days
James 15 days ago
Remember when he was relevant Jesus that was a while ago
kmoose 23 days ago
I’m og, me and the boys used to talk about you in 6th grade and talk like you
2K_XL Month ago
I’m so OG I remember when it was all about girls girls girls
Emily McMahon
Emily McMahon Month ago
I’ve also been here since knife wolfie in your mams house the O.G kitchen
Emily McMahon
Emily McMahon Month ago
I’ve been herreeee since Charlie Charlie pencil gone wrong I love useee
Bro wolfie ur vids legit have the best audio!!!!
U K Month ago
Wolfie: What’s regular Me: Corona virus Tik tok
John Thomas Hamm
Bin here since reading dirty story’s
Jeremy Allen #1
Jeremy Allen #1 Month ago
Your hair line
Cammie Jones
Cammie Jones Month ago
8:10 is the shield even thereeeeeeeeeee 😂😂😂😯😯
Jena Jackson
Jena Jackson Month ago
Mom: there might be a naked picture in there Dad: YOU DONT KEET THOSE SEPERATE?!? Lol
Jena Jackson
Jena Jackson Month ago
What is inside a rattlesnakes tail 🤔
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor Month ago
Wolfe I’m OG remember when you use to give dating advice that’s was years ago 😂😂
Oscar Jimenez
Oscar Jimenez Month ago
Here before your first ONE Million video😎
Anjelika bingham
that behind the scenes sticky note prank i think you did on your mom or your dad but that’s when i first stated watching you
Karli Winslade
Karli Winslade Month ago
I’ve been here scene before the savage hoodie and I still have it🤪
Bogggy Boy
Bogggy Boy Month ago
Yo Wolfie I’m OG been watching you since the DIY days. The first video I saw by you was when you were doing a hack to unlock a phone without a passcode. But been here with you along the way and will continue to watch your videos. Keep up the good work❤️
vera candelli
vera candelli Month ago
Og ✌️
Wait, you from canada?
Quaidyn Smith-spence
I'm canadian
Quaidyn Smith-spence
H wishlist snicker
Quaidyn Smith-spence
I like fortnite
Quaidyn Smith-spence
Daily cool
Quaidyn Smith-spence
Armando Carvallo
sheesh i love that panty hose tug of war vid
Serenity P
Serenity P Month ago
I’ve been subscribed since 100K so it’s been a long time coming!!!! I loved when you did the sticky not pranks or the red solo cup pranks!
Elliott Goodall
Elliott Goodall Month ago
I'm literally laughing with wolfie
بس ا
بس ا Month ago
been here since u were 17 also bring back the biz wiz
andres rosas
andres rosas Month ago
YO WOLFIE IM OG‼️ i use to watch when you and david would do yoga poses 😂 my by still 18 years old
Elite Sports
Elite Sports Month ago
Im og. I remember when you did the water bending test with sound and vibrations.
Denki The Hedgegod
I've been here since 2016 I think
Joey Dadurka
Joey Dadurka Month ago
I’m an og I watched ur frozen water tube thing and the long coke straw
Brian Cal
Brian Cal Month ago
I’m og remember when your phone was stolen and take it down at a ghetto neighborhood
Brian Cal
Brian Cal Month ago
underated 🔥
Taylor Crass
Taylor Crass Month ago
I’ve been watching you for about 5 years now
Sergio Gutierrez
Your moms basement oh I started watching you since I was 9 I am 13 now
China Doll
China Doll Month ago
Your basement is giving me old basement ALBOE video vibes. Great memories ❤️
Harrison Miller
Harrison Miller Month ago
Wolfie im og I was here for the indestructible soccer ball vid
Kahyla Fountain
Kahyla Fountain Month ago
Omg prince couldnt even walk right😂
Logan Rincon
Logan Rincon Month ago
I am a og
Alex Donis
Alex Donis Month ago
When this video was about Charles life
Tanner Barko
Tanner Barko Month ago
Im og, i need another Guinness world record breaking vid with davidparody
Luis Kast
Luis Kast Month ago
Im an og remeber cHaRLes or when u lit gilf balls on fire 😂😂
Drake M
Drake M Month ago
Wolfe you have the same birthday as me nice
Omar Mohamoud
Omar Mohamoud Month ago
YOOO I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! MY OLDER COUSIN TOLD ME HE WENT TO SCHOOL WITH UR BRO RYAN! Btw I’m a big fan, keep up the awesome content man!
Yo Wolfie I’m so OG bro like Canadian try American foods like i know bro
Olivia C
Olivia C Month ago
i dont even remember how long ive been sub, but ya im here
Kobe Welch
Kobe Welch Month ago
I been watching for 4 years and the video I remember is the one that you reacted to your old video of your self when you made a song about halo or something like that.
Diego Tirado
Diego Tirado Month ago
Do another Amazon video 💯.
16:32 everyone’s like wow
luckofmastre plays
i’ve been watching wolfie for so long🤣 i remember the “how to unlock a iphone” videos when i was younger😭
Alexis Durant
Alexis Durant Month ago
i'm an og wolf fam! i've been here since your "how lightskins be like" video! XD
Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones Month ago
my first video i can remember from the squad was when sean did a 24 hour challenge in a mcdonald’s then after that video one of yours was first suggested so i watched it then subbed. been here since before wolfe 😤 (the dog)
JonPlayz0808 Month ago
Wolfie I’m an og, the amount of times you tried to make gum and cookie shot glasses😂 then Sylvia helped you with the starburst shot glasses
Shane Richardson
only og fans know what he did that time when it happend🤝💯 wolfie give me free stuff
Chris Rivera
Chris Rivera Month ago
ayo wolfie im og remember the samurai sword you used to use like every video 😂😂
Chris Rivera
Chris Rivera Month ago
slide a ps5😂😂
Lulmiikey 624
Lulmiikey 624 Month ago
OG, DIY videossssss
Brittany Pearson
I love your vlogs!! Your dad is so funny xD
FrozeEcho Month ago
im og and would love working for you i remember the you could wear my sweat shirt days
Cristian Chavez
Cristian Chavez Month ago
Brooo can I please get a ps5,my ig is c_h_v_z976
Rec. Bethune A
Rec. Bethune A Month ago
4 years in the making
Rec. Bethune A
Rec. Bethune A Month ago
im an og
La Bro
La Bro Month ago
Wolfie hi I love you. I need a new console. That ps5 looks pretty good😉
Abel Martin
Abel Martin Month ago
I’m an og I remember you running into 100 layers of suran wrap one of the first videos I ever watched of you
Çağan Yağan
Çağan Yağan Month ago
Why prince always looks sad
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss Month ago
Finally morewolfie 🔥🔥🔥
Travis Terrell
Travis Terrell Month ago
OG I’ve been watching since David’s basement
Haroon Muhammad
Haroon Muhammad Month ago
his dad looks like Terrence Davis from raptors
Najee Vazquez
Najee Vazquez Month ago
Anthoni Hernandez
my first vid i watched from u was the fruit ninja one with the wolverine claws and another one where u were tryna fit yourself in a black like ball lol but keep the vids up i’ve been watching for a brick 🕴
Jovana Carica
Jovana Carica Month ago
yoooo, thee og sticky notes prank from 4 year agoo😂
Matthew Beall
Matthew Beall Month ago
dude i miss you’re videos bruh i havnt seen you in sooo long
JJthegoon Month ago
I’ve been rockin wit you since the stair cup prank on your mom 🤞🏽
Samuel Jefferson
Do you have a gym at your house? If not then turn one of the rooms into a gym.
Jason Delgado
Jason Delgado Month ago
I’m og😈🤘🏻🥶”jellybelly Pet rat gummy candy”😭😭😂
Angel Month ago
Who remembers wolfies sex Ed video when his mom was sick
G Henny
G Henny Month ago
Back when everyone thought your brother didn’t talk
Abby Alvarado
Abby Alvarado Month ago
i feel like i'm a og and something i is is your old intro :)
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Month ago
I’ve been here since you bought your mom a house and even longer than that 👏🏾
Kashh Moneyy
Kashh Moneyy Month ago
Yo that baby picture wit milk, ayo
Lennox B.
Lennox B. Month ago
Dirty booty😂
Hector Moreno
Hector Moreno Month ago
Lmao “its toiletry” -wolfie 2021
SpookTown Month ago
Wolfe remember when you made that video telling people to just start saying “no” and that you don’t need to please everyone?
Solid. 2.0
Solid. 2.0 Month ago
Imma og wolfie seen when yu had the cut on your forarm
Trippy Rufy
Trippy Rufy Month ago
Damn I dont watch you anymore but your videos died it’s not the same
Gaming Mangos
Gaming Mangos Month ago
Yooo do me the maddest favor and let me get that ps5 I’m broke and I’ll do u the favor of you getting that ps5 off your hands
GamingGator 88
GamingGator 88 Month ago
Yo love form Brampton Canada
Jessica Vigil
Jessica Vigil Month ago
My cats name is wolfie
Salvi1481 Month ago
That's lit u lived in London . I went to a school around the corner from orchard Park
ROC_ glowfang
ROC_ glowfang Month ago
Hey wolfie im a og I've been watching since the old old team alobo house vids
Izak Bandy
Izak Bandy Month ago
I miss team alboe
Izak Bandy
Izak Bandy Month ago
The condom challenge
Dajon williams
Dajon williams Month ago
Anyone notice him losing subs on both his Channels
Sharon Pesner
Sharon Pesner Month ago
Been watching for years and years all of ALBOE
Caution gaming
Caution gaming Month ago
I’m of I remember watching Alboe pop the balloons with oven mits on
Matt & Sam
Matt & Sam Month ago
Where your brother now why he not in the Vlogs ?
Dakwon Henry
Dakwon Henry Month ago
A little sus 18:00
Tyrel Bates
Tyrel Bates Month ago
I'm og swayz baby
Dre We
Dre We Month ago
og wolffam will now the sticky note and cup prank on his mom
SOLO G Month ago
I was here since you did the pranks on silvia
Emmanuel Sheriff
Did sylvia get botox?
Xsawcel Month ago
This thumbnail 😂
Arjun Kang
Arjun Kang Month ago
I wish he would bring back the OG intro. That shit iconic