I Tested VIRAL Fast Food Hacks (THEY WORK) 

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Testing 10 VIRAL Fast Food Hacks no one told you before!
MORE TIK TOK LIFE HACKS ► bit.ly/2Tqgp43​​
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Feb 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
MoreWolfie 28 days ago
owa owa
King Beast
King Beast 6 days ago
King Beast
King Beast 6 days ago
Ask for extra crispy fries
pxnguin_ 12 days ago
Amber Kinsey
Amber Kinsey 16 days ago
@Logan's Coins owa owa
Thijmen 16 days ago
Ahmad Salloum
We pay $7.00 to Connecticut, America
gracie 2 days ago
i haven’t seen this dude since 2017
Un Ghostly
Un Ghostly 2 days ago
if yall don't like floppy fries what you doing with your life
Nicholas Alkis
Nicholas Alkis 2 days ago
You fell off *off*
Jnvvy 4 days ago
Dude that girl was shook just by lookinf at him kinda insane
Ozzy Kaylor
Ozzy Kaylor 4 days ago
Us mc Donald’s has the 2-5$ deal so you can get two 10 piece =5$
Steven CQB
Steven CQB 5 days ago
Hey bro what happened to the good content like back then we all grew up but you bro
YourboiJonny 6 days ago
The life hack for getting fresh food is ov. You can easily go at a time when it’s slow and just simply ask for it fresh and wait the extra few minutes
Sam9800 6 days ago
My local McDonald’s prices in the US is $1.79 for a 4 piece, $2.00 for a 6 piece, $5.09 for a 10 piece, and $7.89 for a 20 piece 😭
Peo Ramabu
Peo Ramabu 6 days ago
Hi Wolfie fans please give this boyband PRETTYMUCH a chance please listen to the their new song smackables its 🔥🔥😍😍
Zionna Rings
Zionna Rings 6 days ago
I work at BK in the us we make our burgers fresh we don't pull whole burgers out the fridge
Other Wrld
Other Wrld 7 days ago
All you have to do is ask them to make your food fresh and they will do it
JordanTheGoat Xx
JordanTheGoat Xx 7 days ago
TheNightViper 10 days ago
owa owa
Aaron Bayer
Aaron Bayer 11 days ago
Remind me to not go to Canada
Potato NA
Potato NA 14 days ago
The diet:"bye"
Bad Girl
Bad Girl 14 days ago
Chicken Tender
Chicken Tender 14 days ago
lol ur mcdonalds wierd i got 20 nuggets for 5$
Aleyshka Perez
Aleyshka Perez 15 days ago
I work at Mcdonald's and all you have to do is ask for your food to be "well done" they'll make it fresh
Bacon Boi
Bacon Boi 15 days ago
Owa owa owa owa owa
Mikendra 15 days ago
MK’s Melodies
MK’s Melodies 15 days ago
In Australia, we get 24 chicken nuggets for $10.. 🙃
dEAdLy tRact
dEAdLy tRact 15 days ago
I'm a vegetarian so Thank you
Josh Baker
Josh Baker 15 days ago
In America it's $6.49 for a 10 piece, $5.00 for a 20 piece, and $8.99 for a 40 piece
MIST LennyRL 15 days ago
Fun fact: he is in his car the entire time
Jack Lew kee22
Jack Lew kee22 15 days ago
Wow you can get that for $2 that is so amazing 😂 please tell me more lol
WBG x Greenz
WBG x Greenz 16 days ago
The only thing that’s fresh is the quarter pounders, unless you ask for cook to order 😂
Mary Turner
Mary Turner 16 days ago
I worked at bk. You can ask for fries off the fryer or a burger off the broiler. And they will do it
Amber Kinsey
Amber Kinsey 16 days ago
Just ask for fresh food
Killua fan
Killua fan 16 days ago
I watched that vid
Deron Lawrence
Deron Lawrence 16 days ago
Remember when you were getting 200,000 likes?
Jaydin thornton
Jaydin thornton 16 days ago
Haven't watched wolf since 2018 and I see he aint changed a bit 😭🤦‍♂️
Jack Grogan
Jack Grogan 16 days ago
Are you still friends with clout gang and faze clan
MIZ KaPoni
MIZ KaPoni 16 days ago
Ruben Flores
Ruben Flores 17 days ago
U fell of
Awesome Animations
Awesome Animations 17 days ago
more wolfie : im sure 99% of you love your chicken nuggets me : is a vegetarian and now feels like an alien species
Paladin TV
Paladin TV 15 days ago
Feel sad 😔
dEAdLy tRact
dEAdLy tRact 15 days ago
Me too 😂
Fancychuuu 17 days ago
I haven’t seen him in a while omg....I grew up with him since I was 10 help...
Aeriel Aeriel
Aeriel Aeriel 17 days ago
I can’t believe people still eat McDonald’s
KingG1208 17 days ago
Life hack to get fresh food it’s completely free just say can I have it cooked to order I work in fast food
lydia abi abdallah
lydia abi abdallah 18 days ago
Tip:dont watch at 1 am lol
Adventures With Ty
Adventures With Ty 18 days ago
for fresh fries all you gotta do is ask them without salt then ask for salt packets , they have to cook a fresh batch of fries for you
Jonathan Jaftha
Jonathan Jaftha 18 days ago
Owa owa
Brandon Gaming
Brandon Gaming 18 days ago
wow its been so long sice i ve watched i missed you
Rayanna Bryant
Rayanna Bryant 18 days ago
Y’all medium look like a small in Satates
cxrbon 18 days ago
Franklin from gta?
Nathan Hood
Nathan Hood 18 days ago
Lmao you really have no clue how any of these places operate. They hold the meat patties in warmer drawers after being cooked on the grill. They are supposed to throw it out after a certain amount of time. Them making it fresh is pulling it out of the freezer and grilling it for you. The custom burger king burger was not “warmed up” lmao. 😆 love it
Nathan Hood
Nathan Hood 18 days ago
You do realize fresh at McDonald’s MEANS they just took it out of the freezer and cooked it for you. Otherwise it sits in the trays.
Brandon Garduno
Brandon Garduno 18 days ago
I work at Burger King 👑😭 just ask for your food to be fresh
nen 18 days ago
Damn despite my hate for McD, this make me want some chicken nuggets 🤢
Ronkiegurl27 18 days ago
Y are you screaming .
Rosas 神
Rosas 神 18 days ago
For me it cost 5.99
Arianna Parker
Arianna Parker 19 days ago
Ask a fellow McDonald’s employee of you want fresh fries just ask for no salt. We are required to make them fresh when asked for no salt
Arianna Parker
Arianna Parker 17 days ago
@JDubbzGamingHDD 9/10 we just throw them back in the oil. That’s why I always tell people to ask no salt
JDubbzGamingHDD 17 days ago
Or just asked for them fresh
lil jesus
lil jesus 19 days ago
Who tf is u
KoroeKoe 19 days ago
get me this mc taster
Aurora Ali
Aurora Ali 19 days ago
im ur bigest fanmorewolfe
dania arts and crafts Faisal
I just realized that you are wearing different earrings
J J 19 days ago
This is like tyler1 but a vlogger
Asian Hacker
Asian Hacker 19 days ago
No cap if you want fresh food from maccas just ask for it fresh
Ana Vasqis
Ana Vasqis 19 days ago
Canada is not shush my guy come now there’s way more things in Canada than America sorry
s̶t̶u̶b̶b̶o̶r̶n̶ m̶i̶a̶
i wanna get paid for eating frenchfries 😭
Juan De Leon
Juan De Leon 19 days ago
We not gonna talk about how he spent $12 on a 20 piece
Adrian Marte
Adrian Marte 19 days ago
Well well well wolfie i seen you have grew i still remember that big shaq diss track from 2017 i have hated you ever since u may perish in the next week or so
Chase Hackett
Chase Hackett 19 days ago
thumbnail 10/10
Eduardo Matos
Eduardo Matos 20 days ago
Burger King doesn't pre-make burgers, Chick-fil-a does. Burger King patties take 2 minutes and 40 seconds to cook on the grill machine.
iAmEmman 20 days ago
Great video! Just subbed 😭
Desa Hunter
Desa Hunter 20 days ago
I always get my quesadillas double grilled lol
Tristian Luna
Tristian Luna 20 days ago
ANKIT YT 20 days ago
It's been a year since I've been here!!
Paolo Sison
Paolo Sison 20 days ago
Please don’t go in rush hour. It’s tiring for the us in the back 😔 and managers be killing us for it 😞
AP Tremblay
AP Tremblay 20 days ago
Life hack, you can also ask them for fresh fries and fresh everything... even if it's not rush hour! Take it from a former McDs employee 😉
Ixya Subedi
Ixya Subedi 20 days ago
Can I get a owa owa?
Shiyamai 20 days ago
last time i watched u i was 12 im 15 now
XxMARXMANxX 20 days ago
These people don't know how fast food works they don't refrigerate anything they keep just the patty in a warmer then they make it when you order
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen 20 days ago
Used to be $5 now the price is ascending
RataMcqueen 20 days ago
The shhhh scared the crap out of me 😂
Felicia Aguirre
Felicia Aguirre 20 days ago
Wait so there's ppl in this world who don't get the 20 piece nuggets ?
Sapuala Pen
Sapuala Pen 20 days ago
As a barista at Starbucks, yes that’s exactly what I would say and do to your drink say “fuck it” when people ask grande in a venti
Don Don
Don Don 20 days ago
6:25 My guy just lost any chance of getting a McDonald's sponsorship😂
Jonathan Munoz
Jonathan Munoz 20 days ago
How is it the grilled cheese 🧀 vegan if it has cheese lmao 😂
Beast Titan
Beast Titan 20 days ago
Any askers?
ResidentCard 324
ResidentCard 324 21 day ago
You look like my friend Tyrone, no 🧢
Jay Romelus
Jay Romelus 21 day ago
The McDonald’s app has the best deals you can get $1 fries and $5 20 peice nuggets
German Garcia
German Garcia 21 day ago
“ it happens sometimes “ 😂😂💯
Christian Whatley
The 26 is my birthday
Billi Milagros
Billi Milagros 21 day ago
"3:79" Guys just use this one *INJAPP.COM* it always worked for me is the best one ever ever
rifat rahman
rifat rahman 21 day ago
"5:85" The best one to get passes is *Injapp.C0M* believe me is the best try it and comment below
NGU Jared
NGU Jared 21 day ago
Who hasn’t seen this man in 5 years ?
spot exe
spot exe 21 day ago
Why the hell is this in my reccomended
Kayla Couch
Kayla Couch 21 day ago
I’ve been gone for a minute when did Sylvia and Wolfe get back together??
4 PF
4 PF 20 days ago
Like 2 years ago
Xtra _
Xtra _ 21 day ago
I’m going- uh sorry its uh going well
looe 2 rash
looe 2 rash 21 day ago
20 piece cost $5.99
Parker Morris Films
amanda.marcs 21 day ago
its probably cheaper in US bc we allow shit in our food that they dont
Rippin Crew VP
Rippin Crew VP 21 day ago
Wtf is this video
Meruem 21 day ago
You should at least try to make decent editing
Jesus2trappy Bible
Jesus2trappy Bible 22 days ago
Me in the uk getting 20 nuggets for £4
Ariv Mathur
Ariv Mathur 22 days ago
fresh ham fresh chicken fresh beef fresh pork fresh chicken my wife is a vegtarian
cesar bedford
cesar bedford 22 days ago
It’s like 5 pounds in England
sikeplayz 22 days ago
I have a lot of experience in this subject
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