I TASTED the ENTIRE Mr. Beast Burger Menu (worth the money?) 

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MrBeast Burger entire menu taste test. Is it worth the money?
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Dec 31, 2020




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MoreWolfie 2 months ago
Happy New Year!!! Enjoy this 1004% legitness food review... *mrbeast* the goat
Platon Drozman
Platon Drozman Month ago
Как русский, могу сказать, что мы получаем все последними/as a russian im pretye confident to say, thet we get everything last
Platon Drozman
Platon Drozman Month ago
@stealing time bruh, im from russia, your time of waiting something is pathenic
Tech bro Gamies
Tech bro Gamies Month ago
dude the burgers are smaller that the original ones
stealing time
stealing time Month ago
Nah fam europe gets everything last and specifically ireland
ReneTgc Gamer
ReneTgc Gamer Month ago
Wisher playz chill ,-, bandeja
Jeremiah English
Jeremiah English 3 days ago
After he said mr.beast for life I knew it was over
prisyx 7 days ago
I want mr beast burgers in Germany.. :c
tim stirnaman
tim stirnaman 12 days ago
The Beast Style fries are just like the ones I got in California, except for the pickles here were normal.
Isaiah Gomez
Isaiah Gomez 12 days ago
It is real
Is this really just 5 guys and Popeyes
xevolutionnzz 13 days ago
Why is he saying it’s 100% real every 10 seconds? It’s not real then cus he’s saying it over and over
Yup looks pretty legit to me no cap
Cy liwanag
Cy liwanag 17 days ago
One day mrbeast reastuarant will be international year 2050
daddy azzy
daddy azzy 17 days ago
Let's be honest tho the food looks and is just trash. The "hype" is just because he's popular lol
Xxdmau 23 days ago
I belived it but the more he says 100% real its kinda discouraging.
Mr.S3llout 23 days ago
Jeremy Burhenn
Jeremy Burhenn 17 days ago
Ace Choran
Ace Choran 24 days ago
Guys I feel like its teenage boys making the burgers.
Ace Choran
Ace Choran 24 days ago
Dang its 100% real hold on let me try it 🤩
Yassin Fathi
Yassin Fathi 25 days ago
You got scammed
El Catan
El Catan Month ago
I laughed so hard😂😂😂
Jacob Aguilera
Jacob Aguilera Month ago
Wolfe you are the funniest US-firstr ever
Cyle Carroll
Cyle Carroll Month ago
Seen Popeyes bag in wrap when he was tryna take out the chicken sandwich
Psycho Toon
Psycho Toon Month ago
I love mr beast but who the fuck keeps sitting on the food
Beast Mode
Beast Mode Month ago
It’s from Popeyes
Deux Kel
Deux Kel Month ago
i dont care about this dude since underage shit i still dont care i just click this because of mr beast 😂
6Nickss Month ago
U dumbass that’s five guys fries
Jason Song
Jason Song Month ago
Damn - I'm gonna go try the Beast STyle burger - looks so good!
The Lone Wolf Hunter
I wanna try that so badly
Andrea Rodriguez
Just ordered my first order off door dash from mr beast burger 😭
Ur not a blink If you hate one of them
Can someone tell me what’s the joke?
Mike Peskar-Murphy
What was the point of faking this
Lmao Lmao
Lmao Lmao Month ago
Mr.Detective Month ago
EXT VIPER Month ago
I subbed and liked
Will Thomas
Will Thomas Month ago
On the thumbnail I thought you were using a filter
Sara Rin
Sara Rin Month ago
Me I got scammed by getting a chicken sandwich and I got a Karl’s grilled cheese
Tyre Reacts
Tyre Reacts Month ago
@lippstyre:Jesus is king 2.Jesus is savior 3.Jesus is the FORGIVER 4Jesus us the light😁 REPENT
Toast_VR Month ago
the sticker is oversized and clearly printed "ToTaLLy ReAL" my foot
Ronald Winkfield
Dude had a Popeyes chicken sandwich
Ryan Hansen
Ryan Hansen Month ago
Thumbs down because that’s Popeyes chickensandwith
Wyatt Blanks
Wyatt Blanks Month ago
I forgot you existed
Deminished _bollo
Chris burgers doesn’t look like that...
GodlyXnNs Month ago
Watch the whole vid dumbass
Deminished _bollo
They prob reused the wrapper
Champ Month ago
the amount of sarcasm in this video🤣
John Powers
John Powers Month ago
Move to the states.
Abanoub Nakhla
Abanoub Nakhla Month ago
Abanoub Nakhla
Abanoub Nakhla Month ago
Lushbabyy X.
Lushbabyy X. Month ago
This guy fell off
Alyssa DK
Alyssa DK Month ago
I want to try the grilled cheese.
Duke Pagaddu
Duke Pagaddu Month ago
the comments: im confusion
Julian Benjamin
Julian Benjamin Month ago
I'm so dumb halfway through the video I realized it was cap
Edwin Martinez
Edwin Martinez Month ago
lookin like he wearin an irl filter with how wide his mouth is
Crewstor Playz
Crewstor Playz Month ago
Crewstor Playz
Crewstor Playz Month ago
Crewstor Playz
Crewstor Playz Month ago
You don't actually think that's legit do you
Juan Carlos Silva
This guy fell off bad
Uros Djordjevic
Uros Djordjevic Month ago
Now i'm hungry.
Amgad Mounir
Amgad Mounir Month ago
Predator 309
Predator 309 Month ago
Feel bad for this man wolfie, I never watched him that much but damn when I did content was fire.... guess we all just grew up
Ten ‘n Two
Ten ‘n Two Month ago
Omg ur back?
op rice
op rice Month ago
lmao no cap i missed u alot
Mxlachi Month ago
great value
Omar Alvarado
Omar Alvarado Month ago
Mr beast for life
Mustafa Shwan
Mustafa Shwan Month ago
abel vela
abel vela Month ago
I died when he said Mr beast for life lmaoo
Jayce Sagvold
Jayce Sagvold Month ago
Where is beast burgers?
Cassandra Ngo
Cassandra Ngo Month ago
Everyone's focused on the MrBeast food while I'm freaking out about all the paper towel he used ☠️
ZMPY3 Month ago
Isayah Kelly
Isayah Kelly Month ago
Someone please reply cause I’m so confused but.... Is mr beast burger just a store only in one spot for a limited time? Or is there multiple stores that are going to stay running ?
Tropical Month ago
Here in Puerto rico we dont have shit we dont even get the good stuff
Pres1212 Mader
Pres1212 Mader Month ago
He went from asking for 250,000 likes to 20,000 likes to asking for no likes
I actually thought it was real until the Popeyes burger.
Classic Football Tv
Jason Valdez
Jason Valdez Month ago
I feel ur Canadian pain dude
Brandon Rheaume
Brandon Rheaume Month ago
“There’s no stores” besides the 130 others
Frank Canastuj
Frank Canastuj Month ago
Yo your starting to get the rolls yo work out your eating to good
Marcus Edwards HTX
He almost got me til I seen the Popeyes bag 😂😂😂😂😂 Sylvia with the trolling of the camera 😂😂😂
Steven Davis
Steven Davis Month ago
Buy random burgers off Craig's list (canada) from some guy in a Carpark @ night😳 ya not sketch @ all. 😂🤣
Jadon Burke
Jadon Burke Month ago
Dr hobs had it first
Cristian Miller
Cristian Miller Month ago
✨Glocalization ✨
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix Month ago
Wait he said everything is bigger in Canada I thought America has everything bigger
Nay Khan
Nay Khan Month ago
maybe the guy came from a place they do sell and flew here idk
HaydenGotHack Month ago
Stole thumbnail from Erik the electric
Jaba animations
Jaba animations Month ago
I thought this was real untill I saw the Popeyes bag 😂
Itz ycfz
Itz ycfz Month ago
Dylan Meyer
Dylan Meyer Month ago
Bruh why did I think this was legit until the Popeyes sandwich. Lmao
Prince Boi
Prince Boi 13 days ago
I thought it was good as well I was confused bro lol
Laszrev 18 days ago
money Tiana
money Tiana 19 days ago
Den I realized dat he wasn’t in Canada I’m slow asf🤦🏾‍♂️😭
Santiago Avila
Santiago Avila 23 days ago
Isaiah Galindo
Isaiah Galindo 26 days ago
Damien Fabre
Damien Fabre Month ago
me living in africa in cameroon
Ethan Beeler
Ethan Beeler Month ago
Heavenly Month ago
I did not realize that he was trolling until the Popeyes bag😃😑
ReneTgc Gamer
ReneTgc Gamer Month ago
Me third
Wxnted Month ago
Johnny Aiello
Johnny Aiello Month ago
I just posted a video of trying it too! Definitely a solid eat!
Stickz Month ago
Can u make a video on how to game a girl cause you’ve been saying ur game is 🔥
jack sparrow
jack sparrow Month ago
you keep trying dont you boy 😂
graham cracker
graham cracker Month ago
See how he made it as a joke and on the other hand drhobs is actually trying to make it seem like he got the burger
vibewithlia Month ago
The Popeyes bag HAHAHAH
z3rko Month ago
It's 100% legit
Super duper duper Duper
Wolfie is so excited to put mr beasts meat in his mouth
Robert Month ago
Stop just stop
lovehotdogs Month ago
2 out of 5 stars that means you dont need to watch this MR beast burgers are bad
ITzGHoSt Month ago
Damn this use favorite US-firstr getting hella views but now he getting low
Romane Consingh
Romane Consingh 9 days ago
No joke
DoTheMost Tv
DoTheMost Tv Month ago
No cap these burgers prolly better then the real actual Mr.Beast burgers lmao 😂 they all looked fire asf
Jay 2x
Jay 2x Month ago
I haven’t seen your vids in 2 years and your still the same 😂 pretty dope
Axrozy Month ago
Copy EriktheElectric much?
Najee Vazquez
Najee Vazquez 2 months ago
FidgetSpinner1 2 months ago
This gotta be a parody of guy's video LMFAO
Savageboi Lol
Savageboi Lol 2 months ago
Wolfe can u like and comment on this comment it would make my day😇 cuz I start back school tmmr😭
crazy kidzz
crazy kidzz 2 months ago
he looks like he got Chubbier
UK vs US McDonalds