I Bought All The MOST REVIEWED Items on Amazon... 

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Buying all the MOST REVIEWED items on Amazon... Are these cool gadgets and tech items worth the money? Like this video for more!!
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Dec 4, 2020




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MoreWolfie 2 months ago
ayooooooo sorry for the lack of uploads ya'll... this house shit is exhausting frrrrrrrrrrfrrrrrrr..... but ima try my best to get a bunch of videos up for the holidays!
Andrewcooke Cooke
Andrewcooke Cooke 27 days ago
yo Wolfie please do revew on the waze cam please
trey elliott
trey elliott 2 months ago
weedybird 2 months ago
Hey man keep up the vids. If been watching you sice i was a lil lid dog. And your views have dropped like a mf but the real day ones still got you back. Im proud of you homie
Sierra Nicole
Sierra Nicole 2 months ago
@leelybye your point exactly?
leelybye 2 months ago
@Sierra Nicole girl ur a grown adult
LT 15 days ago
Damn bro going to have a kid been seeing you for a min that’s crazy g , tryna do you like you make sure I’m finically solid before a child , congrats my guy 🤯
Georgia Kelly
Georgia Kelly 21 day ago
So wtf you didn't actually buy anything..
Big Fella
Big Fella 26 days ago
Nautica Voyage
BlessedTess27XX Baker
Butt enhancing leggings
Vinson Month ago
The dazzling computer unquestionably spot because hammer extraorally squeak throughout a gullible gusty organization. tawdry, snotty harmonica
Sharvil Shetty
Sharvil Shetty Month ago
Lil Rambo Gaming
Tobiclapz Month ago
Dang only 70k views you lacking wolfie
Nani Grg
Nani Grg 2 months ago
Amazon: not available Wolfie: I love Canada 🇨🇦 Me: 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nani Grg
Nani Grg 2 months ago
Ultra soft🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 shit I died🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣omg I still can’t stop laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
poperaymond 2 months ago
Jesus wolfie fell off
4:10 - 4:11 - 4:12 so it's for tigers, lions, kangaroos, (etc) and humans? Nice. *Guys this is a joke don't hate ;-;*
Gremlin Games
Gremlin Games 2 months ago
How was this one week ago if it’s December 16th and this was made December 4th
X_ Jala
X_ Jala 2 months ago
The George Lopez what at 2:13 for me 🤣😂😂😂
McCrispies 2 months ago
"Two words,pretty nice camera"😂😂come on wolfie thats four words😂
Alisha Mercedes
Alisha Mercedes 2 months ago
I technically got it right I was thinking electronics 😂😂
CharMinx 2 months ago
I love videos like this
Master Shifu909
Master Shifu909 2 months ago
Why don’t u use Amazon.ca if ur worried about it not shipping to Canada??
MadyRose 2 months ago
Everyone give me luck to win the ps5 giveaway, I would love to gift it to my boyfriend 😭😩
MadyRose 2 months ago
Reading the whole pressure cooker review.💀💀💀😂😂😂
Melika Sh
Melika Sh 2 months ago
the reason why nothing is available is because you're in Canada but shopping on amazon.com instead of amazon.ca
That One gamer
That One gamer 2 months ago
Cody 2 months ago
Chris 5.7
Chris 5.7 2 months ago
Sad how his vids are still good and he doesn’t get nearly as much views as before
Ryan Gruner
Ryan Gruner 24 days ago
@Big Fella used to love his videos, I still do but yeah I remember he just took like 6 months off when he was getting huge views not sure what happened, miss the clout house days and the time before that his content was great
Big Fella
Big Fella 26 days ago
Prolly because he switched up way to much for like a year or 2 and now he’s back
trey elliott
trey elliott 2 months ago
$trey3lliott is my cashapp send $5 for $5 back
Jake Ambrose
Jake Ambrose 2 months ago
10 million views on average to around 42k lol
Sauucy. 2 months ago
The firestick 😂😳
Kracked Unboxing’s
Jay DiMartiney
Jay DiMartiney 2 months ago
Dam bro the views went down 🥺
Nicole Lampert
Nicole Lampert 2 months ago
How you gonna only post buying them and not receiving them...
88 2 months ago
i honestly think it’s the fire tv stick 4K streaming device with Alexa voice remote | Dolby Vision | 2018 release
nora. 2 months ago
is sylvia pregnant ??!! 👀
Waleed Iqbal
Waleed Iqbal 2 months ago
He actually stresses me why is he on amazon.com, when he can go on amazon.ca, to avoid those import fee, high shipping price and "currently unavailable" problem, but I guess the most reviews are on amazon.com
stickyygg 2 months ago
Pin this comment if u actually bought all of it
Yung JUUL 2 months ago
Someone should tell him bout the adults only exploding kittens
Crypto 2 months ago
rc car
rc car 2 months ago
I have had a instant pot for years I highly recommend
Nadean Truelove
Nadean Truelove 2 months ago
I hope we’re getting a video of him opening n actually putting all these items to use!!
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss 2 months ago
Wassup Wolfie
Jake Heldt
Jake Heldt 2 months ago
Exploding Kittens ROCKS!
AMERE BEST 2 months ago
subscribe to ivy squad
Ben dover
Ben dover 2 months ago
bro thats my phone number at the beginning
alanah robinson
alanah robinson 2 months ago
I think the most naught is like face masks or some kind of tool to open stuff. But the most reviewed or rated is probably a dude product. If it's awesome, a guy will tell you but if its awful! Then hell write a review to warn his bros lol
hi bye
hi bye 2 months ago
A girlfriend
Pete Herrera
Pete Herrera 2 months ago
Do the most expensive items
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez 2 months ago
Like videos like this
the brownbeauty
the brownbeauty 2 months ago
I'm from India & obsessed with Sylvia and you❤ LOVE YOU guys...
Dante Aguilar
Dante Aguilar 2 months ago
Yo tell my boy Ryan i said SWAZEMASSSS😉
Leena Zakaria
Leena Zakaria 2 months ago
Did no one else think that Sylvia telling Wolfie to go to the babies' section a subtle hint? Fire vid btw!🔥🔥🔥 (The sparkling ice is actually really good, you should try it)
Briana 2 months ago
I thought that too! Hmmmm
Leena Zakaria
Leena Zakaria 2 months ago
@Hate EE BEE FUCKIN FAMILY Yes sir...and you?
allla w lebnen
Britney Ly
Britney Ly 2 months ago
wolfie wondering why nothing can ship to canada when he’s on the american amazon site
Debbie Okeowo
Debbie Okeowo 2 months ago
why so little views?? huh Wolfie?????????????????
Kearon Davids
Kearon Davids 2 months ago
wolfie: "i hope everyones having a sick december"
Najee Vazquez
Najee Vazquez 2 months ago
K & S
K & S 2 months ago
Can’t be the only one who thinks that he’s on America’s Amazon and not Amazon.ca
Megameme 2 months ago
He just named someone card card number
Ansh Chaudhary
Ansh Chaudhary 2 months ago
If you want indian rupees then hit me up i have some antique rupees
Senpai Dang
Senpai Dang 2 months ago
Anyone notice that he wasn’t on Amazon.ca?
B3 2 months ago
If you see this wolfie I hope I win 🙏🏽
Facecination 2 months ago
Exploding kittens is such a fun game!
Emilek Rác
Emilek Rác 2 months ago
Amozon Is trash Wish Is better🤣🤣
Burken Productions
Burken Productions 2 months ago
11:52 that noob writing that review, clearly doesn't understand devices like that have fuses that might need to be changed if they blew. How hard can it be. it's even simpler than moving to a different outlet for crying out loud. what a lamer.
Burken Productions
Burken Productions 2 months ago
4:00 you do k now that masks doesn't help and it's false advertising by media
Bradley B
Bradley B 2 months ago
“Two words, pretty nice camera”
Big c's Aquarium
Big c's Aquarium 2 months ago
You kinda look like a young Dwayne the rock Johnson
Scolarx 2 months ago
I honestly don't know
Kenzo 2 months ago
don’t move to LA bro. that shit is going to change you
Ankles God
Ankles God 2 months ago
Theres a Canadian amazon if u didnt know !!!!
Vijeth Prabhu
Vijeth Prabhu 2 months ago
Bro u seriously don’t know about exploding kittens card???? Even I don’t 😂
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez 2 months ago
This dick
Zachary Tatro
Zachary Tatro 2 months ago
Ayoo sparkling ice black cherry is fire 🔥
stefani xiomara シ
stefani xiomara シ 2 months ago
Blu3 Is H3r3
Blu3 Is H3r3 2 months ago
Face masks
Lil Zeph
Lil Zeph 2 months ago
Yooo if you could like my comment it would bring some happiness to me my mom and I are struggling like crazy to keep our jobs because of covid and throughout all this stress you always bring positive vabs
Doom boom286
Doom boom286 2 months ago
Exploding kittens is 🔥🔥🔥
Diego Tirado
Diego Tirado 2 months ago
6:12 Lmaoo😂
vybz click
vybz click 2 months ago
K John Sebastian2x
K John Sebastian2x 2 months ago
YungKashk1k just dropped his album- King Speaks it’s on apple, US-first, sound cloud and all music streaming sites I highly recommended it
Andrew Arcia
Andrew Arcia 2 months ago
Masks don’t even help 🤦🏻‍♂️
Chase Yt
Chase Yt 2 months ago
Sergio Lopez
Sergio Lopez 2 months ago
GOD STYLE 2 months ago
bruh she said go to the baby section and he didnt lay 1 and 1 together, big news coming soon i guess
GOD STYLE 2 months ago
@Blizzy Blake bruuh, charles gonna have a heart attack if thats true haha
Blizzy Blake
Blizzy Blake 2 months ago
I thought the same stuff
Joxy 2 months ago
iPhone 12
Dante Saurio
Dante Saurio 2 months ago
You trynna say something with the baby section? 👀
hector troncoso
hector troncoso 2 months ago
😭 the only US-first that doesn’t say my bank account going to be broke
Chubbz 2 months ago
He didn’t even add this book it was sold out and said he added it you not that slick wolfie 6:45
SIMP BOY Month ago
it said one left in stock when he went through his cart
Fire Fox
Fire Fox 2 months ago
He didn't even buy them... Bro REALLY
AMED TEBALA 2 months ago
This content is so sick fam adi dunno
Jaxson South
Jaxson South 2 months ago
Your merch
Eloy Jr
Eloy Jr 2 months ago
alex2shiesty 2 months ago
Great video @alex.martinez.05 on ig for ps5 🥸
Noah Noah
Noah Noah 2 months ago
I was here at 10k view and 167 comments let’s go early squad
Shelbi James
Shelbi James 2 months ago
I swear... if you don't do a video rapping the Wonkey Donkey, I will never forgive you lmao. Like... frfr... Do it. In fact, do a video of rapping kids books. Ik the trend is long gone but I don't think enough talented people did it.
Nancy Sasso
Nancy Sasso 2 months ago
Wolfie, are you bored without Silvia?
Super duper duper Duper
Leng Lui
Leng Lui 2 months ago
is it just me, or is the mic hes using for this video a lot higher than the mics he use for his vlogs.....
Leander Zahra
Leander Zahra 2 months ago
JT Parreno
JT Parreno 2 months ago
We got a new hack fire stick and we don’t have to pay for any paper view fights or any sports hehe
Random-iky 2 months ago
Donky with some backas 🤣
Philz 2 months ago
Maybe try Amazon.ca (Canada) next time 😂