I Ate 3x My Girlfriends DIET For 24 Hours (FOOD CHALLENGE) 

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Eating 3x what my Girlfriend eats for the entire day! This 24 food challenge was so hard I almost couldn't move I was so full OMG. LIKE this video if you're enjoying the vlogs.
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Nov 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
MoreWolfie 3 months ago
this was harder for sylvia than me lol
Son Deku
Son Deku 2 months ago
What happened to knife Wolfie this dude literally picked up a knife and didn't start going Savage
Geoffery Hill
Geoffery Hill 2 months ago
@Smart YT same
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis 3 months ago
Duzzur Is Hyped
Duzzur Is Hyped 3 months ago
My dads friend steak is better no offense
SLOWBOOST 3 months ago
Go back to the FAZE HOUSE!!!!
Jordan Ross-Ladley
Why didn’t u eat 3 steaks
Siko o
Siko o 9 days ago
bro do you give prince like lines of cocaine my man's is shaking like a crackhead lmaooo
Musty 12 days ago
sylvia being proud of herself for the organized fridge wolfie: do we have garlic
Leah M
Leah M 12 days ago
To answer your snow question, look at Texas this week lol. We had a bit of snow and it shut the entire state down.
Ford Preston
Ford Preston 14 days ago
Just Dustin is so much better
Ace Lowc
Ace Lowc 15 days ago
Any1 noticed how many cuts this video has
icyxxgiocr07 fortnite
He failed on breakfast because Silvia didn’t get ketchup
Lane Bache
Lane Bache 16 days ago
"Guarliq" the accent tho😂
Nifplayz 16 days ago
Did he wash the steak?
jayce soucy
jayce soucy 17 days ago
Bruh -35 3 feet snow in Calgary
Vince Goated
Vince Goated 17 days ago
My dog yawned and it made me yawn before 😂
Jessy Salas
Jessy Salas 17 days ago
the dog looks abused😐
Joelyanna Perez
Joelyanna Perez 19 days ago
Not the Pokémon cards😭✋🏼
Isaiah Holzback
Isaiah Holzback 19 days ago
Can you make me a stake like shhhhhhhheeeeeeeeessssssss
NotToki 19 days ago
Bro I remember when u use to do thoughs vids with the strongest gloves and stuff
Max Drew
Max Drew 19 days ago
I need to go walk. Now he’s in his car! Lol
AwesomeGamer 1260
AwesomeGamer 1260 19 days ago
Different title: Wolfie dies of heart attack cause of death: GREASE
Naythen Marquez
Naythen Marquez 20 days ago
I did not know wolfie knew justDustin he literally one of my favorite US-firstrs
That so insane my I have 2 dogs 1 of the legit shakes just like prince does and the other one waits just like how the one on the coach did that's locky insane how my dogs are so similar.
Big Boat On Da Track
Not enough seasoning 😂😂
story tv
story tv 21 day ago
Now you have to pee 3x she does
discreet deer08
discreet deer08 21 day ago
The value of this is 100$ American and that's 3000$ Canadian 🤔
Gonzalo _fv
Gonzalo _fv 22 days ago
Am I the only one who has never seen a person pick a fork like that 9:42
Will Smith
Will Smith 22 days ago
my man alr 3 times her size
Chomapa 22 days ago
Fun fact: if you eat meat and eat sugary food your stomach is gonna get fermentation
zZslumpedzZ 2
zZslumpedzZ 2 22 days ago
I havet watched u in so long I didn’t know u lived in Canada
Htk Kid
Htk Kid 23 days ago
How is that snow man it looks. Lkke big salt
Mario Cristobal Hernandez
There are winter tires the tires with nails so you can drive safe
ItZ Jacoby 01
ItZ Jacoby 01 24 days ago
I used to watch Wolfe when he posted bottle flip wow now this
thedogwalkers reactions
Yo you're Canadian too
TNF_Clxpz taylor
TNF_Clxpz taylor 25 days ago
lowkey wtf did I yawn...I never yawn.
As1_4n Will
As1_4n Will 26 days ago
Bro you fucked up your stake cuz you have to pat you stake down with a paper towel and season it after you do it
mason smith
mason smith 26 days ago
I can do that Challenge
Army Bros
Army Bros 28 days ago
he didn’t wash his hands
Alexus Blackwell
Christina Trejo
Christina Trejo Month ago
Why so much though
Bubbafrmthawest Month ago
11:27 why are your dogs like that bro😂😂their so slow
Whoopty Aqurl
Whoopty Aqurl Month ago
They back together?
Kaleb Pipkins
Kaleb Pipkins Month ago
Na in america we have 4 wheel drive
Brandon Lagattuta
Buffalo ny we need winter tires aswell
ZeNoAcid Month ago
Imagine getting to eat what you want whenever you want 😞
Champ Month ago
I have seen david in a while
Daikel Escalona
Daikel Escalona Month ago
Yes, I live in Vegas in the winter on the nearby mountain it snows like 6-10 inches and chains or snow tires are required
Damien Fabre
Damien Fabre Month ago
lol i was eating candy while watching this.
Haley Bear
Haley Bear Month ago
bro that steak made my mouth water! :( it looked SOOOOOO good!
Khai Zhe Wong
Khai Zhe Wong Month ago
I don’t wanna say this but.. yall dead 😭
loudillla Month ago
Add olive oil with the butter n you’re mint
Sean Encarnacion
Imma need for you to not keep your dogs up so late my guy the big bags under there eyes is a sign
Cass Cass
Cass Cass Month ago
i haven’t seen you since 2017 or something like that
Eric Saenz
Eric Saenz 2 months ago
No Americans just lower the pressure in Texas
Carson Fidler
Carson Fidler 2 months ago
100$ us dollars is definitely not 3000$ canadian😂
Ellis Bermudez
Ellis Bermudez 2 months ago
I usually eat two Big Macs large fries two apple pies in a 20 piece chicken nuggets and a medium Coke 💯💯 and now I'm craving it don't feel like driving or walking and I live like 3 minutes walking distance
GHOSTRIDER 2 months ago
Yes In Michigan we have winter tires
Scrappy Mations
Scrappy Mations 2 months ago
Alex White
Alex White 2 months ago
Bro the yawn worked threw the screen ahaha
Niko 2 months ago
U Just sound like david
Lyla shiutiapik
Lyla shiutiapik 2 months ago
Who else yawns? Lol even typing this 😪😥😅
Hellfire 2 months ago
1:30 bruh i thought he swallowed half in one bite
Zicer 2 months ago
Were live it havent ben snow in like 2 years
Paaaina Star Kee
Paaaina Star Kee 2 months ago
bro. seriously your. doggy is shaking bad
Noel 2 months ago
People that don’t wash the meat coming out of the container 🤢🤮
The Horn family
The Horn family 2 months ago
Me and my family we dont use steak seasoning that much we mainly use adobo and sazon
Sinck_fn 2 months ago
the title has diet and the thumbnail is mcdonalds
Massimo Bigirindavyi élève
the weather in canada is bipolor
S 3 months ago
As an American, everyone uses winter tires it’s almost insulting that you even THOUGHT that we wouldn’t have those in every state at every single damn tire/car repair place. We even have them in sears for Christ sake 😭😂
Jacob -_-
Jacob -_- 3 months ago
“I needa walk” starts to drive😂😂
Withered 3 months ago
“I can’t walk” “Aw man I gotta walk”
Kristal. YouTube Rivera
Like nice
Kristal. YouTube Rivera
Watching video eating all
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis 3 months ago
Sadness0_0 3 months ago
do you speak french ?
Erubiel Gonzalez
Erubiel Gonzalez 3 months ago
I fr yawned😂😂😂
Andre stay Lit
Andre stay Lit 3 months ago
I miss this wolfie #2017
rene jaramillo
rene jaramillo 3 months ago
6.27 *rubs nose*...proceeds to cook and marinate meat 😂
Miichaeljr 3 months ago
love the video do a part 2 with Ryan
Marija Kuzmanovska
Marija Kuzmanovska 3 months ago
If he ever goes broke he can sale them
MR GETWRECKED 3 months ago
Yo tell me how their still together
Siphen elite
Siphen elite 16 days ago
Wdym? IM LOST i need to knowwww
Jordan W
Jordan W 3 months ago
You stuck for content mate? Next time be abit more original
Connor My Last Name
Connor My Last Name 3 months ago
We have so much snow in edmonton
BlaDeGrau 3 months ago
Dominique Delaine
Dominique Delaine 3 months ago
If that’s not my little brother with all them cards
Andro Jarbo
Andro Jarbo 3 months ago
no we have snow mode on our cars
Karina Camacho
Karina Camacho 3 months ago
Since when are they back together? 😭
H H 24 days ago
Wait, what happened can someone explain plz? I haven’t seen him since 2017
K Parker
K Parker 3 months ago
For at least a year now. I think a year and a half or more. (My sense of time is a little off since Covid and social distancing.)
Purefishy 3 months ago
what to be ksi
Elise Sophie Indrebø
I don't like the fact that your dogs have shock collars on. They're not that good for training in good behavior, and clearly one of the dogs are in distress since it's shaking pretty bad and it's ears are pointing backwards. It almosts looks like it's afraid of Wolfie.
Hannah Kirk
Hannah Kirk Month ago
They could be vibrating collars. Also smaller dogs tend to shake.
Joe Iroanyah
Joe Iroanyah 2 months ago
that’s how the dogs have been tho. they’re just kind of nervous anxious dogs
Luz zepeda
Luz zepeda 3 months ago
I was think about that
Killqx 3 months ago
6:30 why they got bread in the fridge
qaisara 3 months ago
why does David looks like Jimin from the side? I AM FANGIRLING HAHAHAHA
Michael Uribe
Michael Uribe 3 months ago
Where the heck Is pikachu
HowdyHoops 3 months ago
U rlly stole the idea from mattdoesfitness
VideoGamesAreCool 3 months ago
Yes because every video that has been or ever will be on US-first is original and not inspired by anyone else
frank pirri
frank pirri 3 months ago
Slide back in he says lmfao
frank pirri
frank pirri 3 months ago
He Is like there is no pumpkins here lmao. We don't discriminate against small pumpkins. Wolfie bro you are a nut. He says I might wieght more then you. Crazy carve let's gooooo💯🤣🤣💪🏻75 lbs Big Boy.
Christian Mexia
Christian Mexia 3 months ago
Did anyone see the shock collar on the dog ?
Robb G
Robb G 3 months ago
Hahahahahahahahaha she just told you that you would have 3 cokes so that meant order 4 😂😂😂
Robb G
Robb G 3 months ago
Look at the juices, butter always makes things better !! 😂😂
Robb G
Robb G 3 months ago
Bring the food back !!
Mystix -FN
Mystix -FN 3 months ago
Aye yo whattssss foooking good ?😔
Kaboemie Playz
Kaboemie Playz 3 months ago
1:17 sounds like a dead among us body cuz he said:’big bone’.
Blakely Larsen
Blakely Larsen 3 months ago
I love steak with shrimp baked potato , garlic bread and salad yummy 🥩🍤🥔🥗 🥖
Blakely Larsen
Blakely Larsen 3 months ago
I love MMS with peanuts