Asking a GIRL questions GUYS are too afraid to ask... (part 2) 

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Asking girls questions GUYS are too afraid to ask part 2!! Today we find out how girls really think.
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Dec 29, 2020




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MoreWolfie 2 months ago
these videos are too fun to film hahahah 😆 COMMENT MORE QUESTIONS YOU'D WANT TO KNOW!!!
mca mca
mca mca 22 days ago
Wolfie you should get help but i still love you youre to funny
Jahsiahh 2 months ago
Do Truth or Drink!!!!!😂🔥
Andy Sanchez
Andy Sanchez 2 months ago
You the bozooo🤣
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis 2 months ago
Mariah Duran
Mariah Duran 2 months ago
you guys need a podcast
iii_Create 7 hours ago
Girls dont know what they want to eat when being asked
Vinamra Bamane
Vinamra Bamane 2 days ago
The following was legit 😎😎
david Fuentes
david Fuentes 13 days ago
FrostySnipz19 15 days ago
I’ve never hit the like button on a video so fast😂
jllnbndr 16 days ago
I’ve followed cute guys on Instagram just because I like looking at cute guys during my work breaks 😬 no wanting to smash, just like looking at hotties in the break room when I’m bored. 😬😬 and now I feel weird about it. Thanks....
Malaika Shumba
Malaika Shumba 16 days ago
Miguel Padilla
Miguel Padilla 17 days ago
I heard they like bulges over nudes
Korean Gangster845
Korean Gangster845 20 days ago
13k likes 71 dislikes nice
ItzExum *
ItzExum * 21 day ago
best video of the year! so far!
Noe Salazar
Noe Salazar 21 day ago
Wolfie: Does shoe size depend on dick size? Silvia: No Lmfao she said that with experience. Wolfie explain
Sabrina Milla
Sabrina Milla 29 days ago
2:42 😂😂😂 hollyshit
Brenda Sahagun
Brenda Sahagun Month ago
Do a part 3 !!
damien moreno
damien moreno Month ago
is it just me or does sylvia look different nowadays
Sophia Narramore
Sometimes when a girl follows a guy tho their friend has an interest so you gotta check them out to see if they are good for your friend
AnishaMaria Month ago
This just randomly pooped up on my suggestions !!! I FORGOT ABOUT THEM
Josh Olsen
Josh Olsen Month ago
8:57 wolfie my guy, do it up!!!!!
Josh Olsen
Josh Olsen Month ago
Shroom it up mane, I know a guy! 😆 Always in season
marie.edithe timot
In my grades if girl is following we are playing
Fazal Ali
Fazal Ali Month ago
I love the vibes on this video for some reason
Luis Villalta
Luis Villalta Month ago
Pt 3 get crossed faded
KingPerry Month ago
Turn this into a podcast
elyse mathews
elyse mathews Month ago
is it just me or are they lowkey toxic?
Metri Month ago
tongue ring sylivia a luh freaaaaak
Thanks for the tips
Itz Month ago
I know the ‘sweatpants, hair tie chillin with no makeup on’ from rice’s stream
Angela Month ago
You guys should do a podcast together
Little Sparrow
Little Sparrow Month ago
Yeah no one calls anymore cause I guess a lot of ppl are more into face to face. I only follow friends & family that I know on Instagram. I haven’t added my crush yet cause I like to ask first or let them know that I want to add them. I do know some guys that can have hundreds of girls on their following but they are loyal to the girl they have.
Jay Kavanagh
Jay Kavanagh 2 months ago
“Whatever you’re dust anyways” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Josiah's Boring Life
Better get 3
Khaled K
Khaled K 2 months ago
Dope video it helps us young Boys out😂do more of them👊🏽
Kelly S
Kelly S 2 months ago
Not trynna smash we just think they’re cute and they should slide in the dms AND get left on delivered lmfaooo
AHTheDj 2 months ago
a girl told me she was on her p but nothing happen with us she just friend zone me
Noe Rojo
Noe Rojo 2 months ago
I love this part1 and 2 i haven't seen a good video like this since never have i ever.
Susie S
Susie S 2 months ago
When i follow guys on insta it’s me shooting my shot HAHAHA
David Kenjalo
David Kenjalo 2 months ago
Wolfie keep up te good work 😀
Eric Saenz
Eric Saenz 2 months ago
Wolfe on some Johnny sins type shit
Kaylee J
Kaylee J 2 months ago
Josue Lopez
Josue Lopez 2 months ago
Fr tho that talk show I would listen too
Matthew Reedy
Matthew Reedy 2 months ago
What if she say idk
Felipe Lopez
Felipe Lopez 2 months ago
Why you drinking ? You’re barely 17
Angel Dunks
Angel Dunks 2 months ago
We need part 3
Chase Epps
Chase Epps 2 months ago
Remember when bodying the like button meant 200k...
Jazlin Alarcon
Jazlin Alarcon 2 months ago
Sylvia makes any video better 😭😂❤️
Caitlin Daponte
Caitlin Daponte 2 months ago
And I’m so late because they’ve been together for a while but I am so glad they are together
kyle geske
kyle geske 2 months ago
These are the funniest videos I think they’ve done together 😂😂
Marie-Hélène Popov
Everyone: nothing Me: SHHHHHHIIISHHH 😂✋
Mile Smith
Mile Smith 2 months ago
Is it just me or has Sylvia's face looked different for a long time. Like shes used fillers or done something to her face
Musix82743 X
Musix82743 X 2 months ago
Are they married? Charlie?
Breanne Blaquiere
Breanne Blaquiere 2 months ago
I met my boyfriend over Instagram 5 years ago so yes I agree with Sylvia some people use Instagram as a dating app.
Maleo 2 months ago
Who else died laughing at *7:20* 😂
Summer Sciacqua
Summer Sciacqua 2 months ago
Zach Bigari
Zach Bigari 2 months ago
Best video in 2020 part 3!!!!! 😂 😂 😂
Pete Herrera
Pete Herrera 2 months ago
You didn’t ask her ,her body count
Kawaii Kimberly
Kawaii Kimberly 2 months ago
“Might do shrooms” 😂
Kurd4Life_ YT
Kurd4Life_ YT 2 months ago
ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕒 𝕚𝕤 𝕨𝕒𝕔𝕜
Giovanni Martinez
Giovanni Martinez 2 months ago
Bruh! 10:00 has be LMAO!!!
Glø Gùcci
Glø Gùcci 2 months ago
🍄 no balls
muizz570 2 months ago
22k likes is good now remember the days of 200k being normal i wanna go back
Man You Right
Man You Right 2 months ago
I like how you somehow still going with so much energy in every video after 3 years of not watching
ShawnTheBeast 2 months ago
this video is funny and weird
Serenity Perez
Serenity Perez 2 months ago
girl following a guy is 100% because you’re either curious or you think they’re attractive
Brook Brook
Brook Brook 2 months ago
Looks like 40 people want their 🍆 to shrink
charles olagbuji
charles olagbuji 2 months ago
Part 3
Kaitlyn Gopez
Kaitlyn Gopez 2 months ago
Please make a podcast with Sylvia
Xx_savage kid 101xX Houle
Love the vids my guy
Logan Gulig
Logan Gulig 2 months ago
What if a guy has no friends
MJ 2 months ago
Sylvias makeup tho 💄😌
Najee Vazquez
Najee Vazquez 2 months ago
Smilestarrocks 2 months ago
The follow could also be just getting to know the guy
Smilestarrocks 2 months ago
It could also be to get to know the person
Jaylynunique 2 months ago
Yes when we follow you it’s a shooting are shot and if you don’t get it then we’re not meant to be
Bella 2 months ago
You guys should have a talk show/podcast
VicWithABlick 2 months ago
Need part 3 ASAP
ChicoToSmooth 2 months ago
Wolfie built different 💪
Guy Random
Guy Random 2 months ago
Like so they can do part 3 high
Anthony Bush
Anthony Bush 2 months ago
Keep this series up wolfie it's so juicy
Jb Tacoman
Jb Tacoman 2 months ago
Ayy Wolfe I needed that help my boy but like what if she sending nude picks but she not tryna date but also she isn’t a hoe my boy
Mariana Afonso
Mariana Afonso 2 months ago
Y’all should do a truth or drink video
Arabella Rodriguez
Arabella Rodriguez 2 months ago
This video made me laugh so much wtheck 😂😂😂
Andy Sanchez
Andy Sanchez 2 months ago
You the bozo haha
Boygamer9 2 months ago
Wolfe I love this video you guys looked so cute I like this video
Evelyn K
Evelyn K 2 months ago
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar 2 months ago
When wolfie was showing the stages lol
626rukus 2 months ago
1:33 she is telling the truth girls/females are more s***aly active then boys/males
Kashwayy YT
Kashwayy YT 2 months ago
Wolfie is just lit to watch to funny
Alan Contreras
Alan Contreras 2 months ago
My wife said to stop biting your nails 😂
K 2 months ago
Views are down I c
Luim14 2 months ago
U need some shrooms🍄 ?
Infinity Gamer
Infinity Gamer 2 months ago
When you d is 2 inches but she still moans hahahaha pause 😂
Nina Illy
Nina Illy 2 months ago
Sylvia is a Libra that's why she is soo indecisive
NotUnderPrestige 2 months ago
wheres knife wolfie
_ shhhawwnnn
_ shhhawwnnn 2 months ago
we need more of these vids, this shit was funny
monstaaplayaa •
monstaaplayaa • 2 months ago
sylvia and wolfie podcast is needed !!!!
Sylvia be looking Asian as hell in this video.
Courtney Rodcliffe
Courtney Rodcliffe 2 months ago
Btw another thing girls prefer guys that can speak more than one language.
Courtney Rodcliffe
Courtney Rodcliffe 2 months ago
I have done some testing I carried out 20 girls. I paid the bill for 10 and I split the bill for 10. Only 11 girl went out with me again. 8 of the ones where I paid the bill and 3 of the ones that split the bill. 7 went home with me 1 from the split bill and six from the bill paid full. tell me what you think.
ツAidan 2 months ago
PART 3 ASAP! Wolfie if you see this ily
Damian Botello
Damian Botello 2 months ago
Wolfie plz stop milking your gf for views
Michael Scyoc
Michael Scyoc 2 months ago
His mom and dad watching “😳”
jinx 2 months ago