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Alijah Collins
Alijah Collins 2 hours ago
THIS VIDEO WAS SUS no like deserved prevert
The Kayko
The Kayko 3 hours ago
Your on a ketondiet and won't eat one bit of mac and cheese but just ate like 12 cheetos in peppers.. and tajin slaps on fruit and popcorn and everything
Herbert Bradford
Herbert Bradford 3 hours ago
Nigga wolfie gettin old 😂
ur_boi_mo 4 hours ago
who else actually searched elon musk's net worth
Elite RiOT
Elite RiOT 5 hours ago
For the vending machine at the end of that clip he scanned a card RFID and that specific reader keeps your card on it until you press cancel
Jeremiah Lambert
Jeremiah Lambert 5 hours ago
iii_Create 7 hours ago
Girls dont know what they want to eat when being asked
Timothy Rodriguez
Timothy Rodriguez 7 hours ago
I’d wear them bro I’m not trying to spend over 100 on shoes lol
Andru Prince
Andru Prince 9 hours ago
Hot cheeto rice Krispy treat is fire 🔥 😋
MyAppleIsSpinning 10 hours ago
There is a hot cheetos mac and cheese in America, its a box with Mac and noodles then the sauce as hot cheetos powder, it taste a lot better
Jaxnbtw 11 hours ago
nanaaishat saidu
nanaaishat saidu 11 hours ago
*DAVETECHIE* on Instagram thanks for letting me have accéss to my wife's account without hér knowledge 🥱
Koda Nado
Koda Nado 13 hours ago
Gang sign wolfie
Koda Nado
Koda Nado 13 hours ago
Koda Nado
Koda Nado 13 hours ago
This guy funny
Liam Dawson
Liam Dawson 13 hours ago
Dude, I haven’t watched your videos in YEEAAARSS MAN! Dude I swear its been over 6 years. And its funny because I was still a kid at the time and these are childhood snacks (which I’ve never had)
Birikisu Abdullahi
Birikisu Abdullahi 13 hours ago
*DAVETECHIE* on IG got me f4ull control to my kids phone, He's the time..
SombreroPete 13 hours ago
Tajin is soooo good, but I'm mexican and I literally eat it straight out of the bottle so
Jean PR
Jean PR 13 hours ago
Habe u try green apple with peanut
I Do Gta Glitches
I Do Gta Glitches 14 hours ago
luv_ jj
luv_ jj 14 hours ago
i hope you all all okay mentally and health wise . you are all loved so much . Jesus loves you all and so do i . if you ever need anyone to talk to about anything i’m right here . i pray you all are safe and happy . repent for your sins and accept Jesus in your heart. God bless 🖤 .
Sidikat Musa
Sidikat Musa 15 hours ago
I was able to get the login details to my spouse's account with the help of *Davetechie* via ig. Though it wasn't free but I gót exactly what I wanted...
its1just J
its1just J 16 hours ago
Mans really out here like we dont need iron to live
Angelina Sanchez
Angelina Sanchez 16 hours ago
This video made me cry because it was Soo funny🤣🤣
Josh Julye
Josh Julye 17 hours ago
This is one of the most underrated diss tracks ever......no cap
ronniqua holden
ronniqua holden 17 hours ago
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson 18 hours ago
watermelon and salt!!!
Abid Khan
Abid Khan 18 hours ago
Yo I just came back to this it has 100k likes where’s the diss track at Boys
dangelo 101
dangelo 101 19 hours ago
mans just sead fug tajin
Guard MH
Guard MH 19 hours ago
Do tajin with hot Cheetos it’s smack
NateisCritical 20 hours ago
Miss these days💔
Banana Peel
Banana Peel 20 hours ago
Mine is celery and peanut butter 👌👍🏾
Alisha Dossani
Alisha Dossani 20 hours ago
Sine you’re on Keto can you do viral tiktok Keto recipes!!! Especially the food combinations of that lady on tiktok who started the green pepper, cream cheese and everything bagel trend
emma havens
emma havens 21 hour ago
Put salt on watermelon it’s so good
Jasooon 22 hours ago
That’s not a wrench that’s needle nose pliers
Jordan Ross-Ladley
Jordan Ross-Ladley 22 hours ago
Why didn’t u eat 3 steaks
awesome liam
awesome liam 23 hours ago
You Can Buy Hot Cheeto flavored Mac And Cheese in Only USA
Henry Alvarado
White claw!
Bandoboy Dizzy
Can u put tajin on steak
Lené Fourie
Lené Fourie Day ago
Henry Alvarado
white claw is like the bombest drink!!
Don Trejo
Don Trejo Day ago
I used to eat bologny and cheese with pb&j cheese and peanut butter ain't too weird.
Mason Brown
Mason Brown Day ago
Bruh he so sus
Jeremy Soled
Jeremy Soled Day ago
Derek gerard gang
Jeremy Soled
Jeremy Soled Day ago
Sprite is the best soda no 🧢🧢
LUA qt
LUA qt Day ago
Bruh that carrot with that ketchup look like a hotdog
Suada Bardhi
Suada Bardhi Day ago
This video is really informative. I've been trying to find for a awesome US-first video that explains the stuff in this video! 🙌 The description at 1:15 is my favorite. Your breakdown for sure reminds me of the videos from Dr Ethan. Dr Ethan's explanations are really educational and I really learned a lot for my studies. He is a cool health enthusiast in Europe! You should see his US-first out and give the Doctor a like over here! ➡️ #DoctorEthanStudent
Juan Alcantar
The watermelon with takjin is to just give it more flavor but no hate even though you offended my culture but no hate
Christina Ibarra
You can remover the stickers with hot water or alcohol,
Dio Day ago
Just do as u did last night 😂😂😭😂😂
izzy bizzy
izzy bizzy Day ago
Dag on
Dump her
Priviction Day ago
0:34 'Is this dude a rapper or comedian' Michael Dapaah is the comedian & Big Shaq is the rapper... People from outside the UK really think they're the same people... there's something called characters & acting mate.
Tech HD
Tech HD Day ago
BMW = broke my wallet
Iceberg Day ago
White claw
Alfian Jamil
Alfian Jamil Day ago
"i have a pair of this travis scotts but is the logo supposed to be this way?"
Yung Hazy
Yung Hazy Day ago
3:19 I was proud of a American man 3:20 I lost hope
Evan Hansen
Evan Hansen Day ago
BBQ sauce or ketchup and mac n' cheese
Jeron Joseph
Jeron Joseph Day ago
Eugenio Montelongo
White claw
hunter 1251
hunter 1251 Day ago
didn’t age well huh
8:08 Had me dead🤣
laloو۶ Day ago
Lol when he almosed choked on his gum 🤣
Mitzy Baby
Mitzy Baby Day ago
Take ritz mini s’mores and use it with milk as a cereal😼
Mitzy Baby
Mitzy Baby Day ago
The backazz of it😂😂😂😂😂
Summer winters
🤣🤣theres NO TRAY
Stephen Nunez
in what vid is he not opining his mouth
Jasooon Day ago
The expensive rice is Japanese jasmine rice lol
Jasooon Day ago
Bro since nothing is connecting to the magnet means there isn’t iron in it....
Jessica Carver
I know they’re fine now, but bongo has been around so long & all the bs that it shows he’s a true friend of them both because he’s minding his business & they obviously fight in front of him because everyone fights & he just stays out of it
Sparkazone Day ago
Damn I remember when this came out lol
Your likes down bad sorry my g
Keegan Collier
For the fries if you put ketchup on top it is only acceptable if you have a fork and you are the only one who is eating it
Jorge Velazquez
U should’ve put some lemon with the watermelon and tajin
Kylow Day ago
Your not alone I eat bagel and cream cheese with peanut butter
Jack Howard
Jack Howard Day ago
i love how they are like oh ya i have these then they are like i wish we had the real ones to compare them to 🤣
Esteban Rodriguez
Should be tajin and pineapple.
Come on, what about baseball?!
Mohamed Brahim
How times have changed
Dot Dot
Dot Dot Day ago
Silva should get a podcast. Her voice is so beautiful